Mutual Funds

Comparing Mutual Funds

When someone mentions investing in a fund, most people immediately think of mutual funds. The question people don’t ask is this: What type of mutual fund are you investing in? There are actually three common types: funds that invest in stocks and/or equities, funds that invest in bonds and fixed-income products, and funds that invest […]


Understanding Cash-Secured Puts

If you keep enough cash on hand, not only are you prepared in the event of an assignment, but you’ve tapped into a method to buy stock that may also earn you a little extra income along the way. Let’s explain with an example. Imagine you like stock XYZ at $52, but you’re not looking […]

Online Banking

How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

When you venture out into public spaces—like coffee shops, airports, and hotels—you are sharing more than just elbow room. Connecting your devices to a public Wi-Fi spot, the same one possibly hundreds of other people are using, could put your personal information at risk. Take the following precautions so you can enjoy the convenience of […]


Market Outlook: A Trader’s Guide

Different ways to develop an opinion on the market In the world of Wall Street, there is no shortage of colorful language used to describe one’s outlook on the markets. When using the key terms to describe your market sentiment (bullish, bearish, neutral or volatile), Ally Invest is speaking from the perspective of the U.S. […]

Finance Basics

How to Get a Financial Education – On Your Terms

There is no one-size-fits-all plan for improving your financial literacy. A good plan should be tailored to financial decisions you’re facing today and fit the way you learn best. Whether you learn best sitting on the couch with your dog, or chatting with your friends over coffee, we’ve got you covered. Whatever your terms are, […]

Mutual Funds

Selecting Mutual Funds

Before you pony up cash for an investment, first dedicate time for doing some homework. Outlined below are several key questions to consider before investing in a particular mutual fund. You can find these answers in a fund’s prospectus.   Check the Prospectus Before investing in any mutual fund, carefully consider information contained in the […]

Online Banking

Phishing—Don’t Get Hooked

No one wants to walk right into a hacker’s trap. But “phishers” count on unsuspecting online users to do just that. “Phishing” is a tactic criminals use to acquire your personal information via fake emails, text messages, and bogus websites. Although you should take it seriously, phishing is little more than a nuisance if you […]


Selling Cash-Secured Puts for Income

As an option trading strategy, selling naked or short puts is highly risky and only recommended for experienced investors. There are differences between selling a cash-secured puts and selling a naked put. In either case, Ally Invest encourages you to stay mindful of the risks. What is a naked put? If you short a put, […]


Buying Treasury Bonds

Treasury bonds — also known as Treasurys or T-Bonds is the umbrella term for different types of bonds issued by the U.S. Treasury. Treasurys come in three main types based on the time frame of the loan: T-Bills — the shortest-term variety maturing in one year or less T-Notes — mid-range loans with maturities of […]


Technical Analysis Explained

What is technical analysis? Technical analysis is the practice of gauging a stock’s future price fluctuations by analyzing past activity. This method involves looking for specific chart patterns and examining other historical data related to price and volume. To give you some perspective, let’s contrast this with fundamental analysis. As the name suggests, this approach […]