At Ally Bank, we are committed to helping people make good financial decisions. The more you know about credit cards, loan interest rates, and savings accounts, the more you can stretch your dollars and maximize your income.

How Are Credit Card and Loan Interest Rates Determined?
Not surprisingly, your credit score is a major determining factor in the loan and credit card interest rates you qualify for. Although other factors go into the formula, it’s important to know that borrowers with the best credit scores generally will obtain loans at low interest rates. A high credit score tells lenders you’re a low credit risk. If you have improved your credit score by meeting financial obligations and paying down outstanding debt, you may be entitled to a lower rate on new financing.

What’s Better Than Low Credit Card Interest Rates?
Handling unexpected expenses with cash you’ve saved often makes more sense than using a credit card or taking out a loan—even when you can get low interest rates. With emergency funds in an Ally Bank Online Savings Account or Money Market Account, for example, your money earns interest. Moreover, when you save money with Ally Bank, you’ll earn rates that are consistently among the most competitive in the country—with no monthly maintenance fees to worry about.

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