Moving is one of life’s biggest anxieties. The process of essentially packing up your life into little boxes is uniquely stressful. There’s one simple way to mitigate this: make your car the main moving vehicle.

Pack Smart

Moving and movers are expensive. However, using your car as a personal moving truck does save a little. Consider asking a good friend with a car to help too. The first night in a new house isn’t usually the time any of us want to unpack. And honestly, you don’t have to. But the essentials of those early days should be easily accessible. One trick is put these items in your car.

Bag It

Boxes are associated with moving for good reason. But unless your car is a huge truck, you might have issues fitting everything inside. When squeezing in tight spaces under seats, bags are more malleable than cumbersome boxes.

Protect Your Valuables

We all own things of serious sentimental value. These important possessions should ride with you as long as there’s room. If stowing something in your car provides a little peace of mind, it’s worth it.

Keep it Comfy

Don’t pack your car so much that it’s impossible for passengers to fit.  Traveling a long distance should inform your decision-making. Should something not fit in your car, you might want to have an impromptu yard sale. Getting an extra container above your car or a trailer towed behind could also do the trick and provide much needed space.

Keep It Safe

As tempting as it is to pack every inch of your car with belongings, always leave some space for visibility. You need to be able to see out the back. That’s actually more important than fitting every single thing you own snugly inside. Though during a major move, “seeing” clearly is easier said than done.

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