Get Smart With Your Money

From major banks to rappers like Big Sean, it seems like everyone is promoting financial literacy these days. And with good reason: Bridging the racial wealth gap requires everyone to gain access to the wisdom that previously was only accessible to a select few. We teamed up with OZY to bring you money management and banking […]


Go to the Head of the Class

The acronym has taken over education: STEM — science, technology, engineering and math — is the focus for educators and parents alike as they prepare their kids for the jobs of the future. So, how can historically underrepresented Black women make a mark in those lucrative fields? A new series of pathways is opening up […]


Meet the New Boss

The time is now for Black female entrepreneurs. From 2014 to 2019, the number of Black women-owned businesses leaped by 50 percent — far outpacing the 21 percent growth for women overall. Getting a business off the ground, of course, is only the start. So, what does it take to succeed? We teamed up with […]


10 Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

You might hear saving for retirement is like running a marathon or climbing a mountain — a task that requires serious training and intense commitment. But that can be pretty daunting. Instead, it’s more like learning a new skill, like an instrument. It’s about being consistent and diligent with small, regular efforts over an extended […]


Curiosity, Confidence, and Careers: A Conversation With Lule Demmissie and Jaclyn Johnson

At Ally, we’re constantly inspired by women who break barriers, from the powerhouse women on Wall Street to inspiring entrepreneurs, and most recently, the groundbreaking woman entering the White House, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris. We see women making incredible strides toward equality and equal representation each day, but there is still work to do. The […]


Generational Differences in Investing: A Millennial Conversation

Millennials are a unique generation, one that grew up in a time of rapid technological advances and immense change. This age group, typically thought of as those born between 1981 and 1996, is often critiqued by other generations for their finances, professions, and lifestyle choices. But what separates millennials from their older counterparts is they’ve […]


5 Creative Ways to Celebrate Life’s Big Moments

Life is full of reasons to celebrate, but it’s also full of the unexpected. Sometimes when you plan for pivotal moments, you have to, well, pivot due to circumstances you may not have seen coming. And while switching up your wedding plans, anniversary event, graduation festivities, or whatever milestone you’re gearing up for can be […]


Got Wanderlust? Recharge With a Long Vacation

You know those vacations where you think, “I could stay here forever”? The kind of getaways that are so dreamy, relaxing, and enriching you’re ready for another trip as soon as you get home? For most of us, the getaway is never long enough. By the time you’re really living that island life, walking that […]


How to Build a Thriving Business

Black Americans have always had to be entrepreneurial. Shut out of traditional paths to corporate leadership, they start businesses at higher rates than the rest of the population — and those rates are only growing. If you’re looking to take the leap, we teamed up with OZY to bring you these inspiring tales from entrepreneurs about […]


13 Small Wins You Can Celebrate Daily

From weddings to graduations to retirement parties, some of life’s biggest celebrations call for a toast. But while major festivities tend to get all the hype, who says you can’t  raise a glass to the everyday exceptional moments. Yes it’s good for your emotional wellbeing, but more importantly you just might find an impromptu dance […]

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