The Costs and Benefits of Learning a New Language

It’s no big surprise that, in general, foreign language skills in the U.S. are a rarity. English is one of the most dominant languages spoken globally, which helps to explain why many of us here can get by with only speaking English – even when we travel out of the country! If we look at […]


Make Over the River & Through the Woods a Little More Fun

This year, more than 90 million people will be traveling over the holidays—and at least 90% of those travelers will be driving. That’s a lot of alphabet games and family time in the car! Make sure the car’s good to go You can use this checklist of some important things to remember before hitting the […]


The Cost of Owning a Pet in America

Every year, people in America adopt more dogs than the previous year. With the number of puppy owners steadily on the rise, let’s explore just how good a dog’s world is for the economy. Discover how much it costs to be a dog lover, from food bowls to vet fees.  


Crunching the Numbers on a Veggie Diet

Some of the best vegetables are in season in the peak summer months. Whether eating in or dining out, adding a few more veggies to your summer diet can be good news for your summer wallet. With numbers like these, going greener might mean a lot more green in your savings.


How to Plan a Stress-Free Staycation This Summer

In this digital era, it can seem like we’re always on the clock. With web-conferencing and smartphones, many of us can work anywhere, any time of the day—but sometimes enough is enough! If you’re one of many US employees who doesn’t take full advantage of their paid time off, what are you waiting for? You can […]


5 Common Career Mistakes (and How to Recover From Them)

Not many people reach professional success without a few blunders along the way. Little mistakes come with being human, and can usually be forgotten unless they come in high volume. Great, big mistakes, on the other hand, come with big consequences and equally big learning opportunities. Below are some common mistakes made on the job […]


Scenic Drives and Overlooks Across the Country

Driving can be a monotonous experience. But that’s more up to you than anything else. If you know where to stop and pull over, then beauty isn’t something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, driving long distances isn’t just a catalog of mile markers and exit signs. A fair number of our roads were laid out […]


3 Simple Steps to Maximize Your 401(k)

If you’ve just landed your first “real job” after graduation, or you’re still fresh in your career, retirement might be the last thing on your mind. Whether or not you want to think about it, getting hired often comes with a golden opportunity to get on track for retirement. If your job comes with the […]


What To Do After Divorce: 4 Ways to Move On from Divorce

You don’t plan on getting divorced. But as many Americans know, through the natural course of events sometimes it happens anyway. We’re here to say, “that’s all right.” Because such a large number of people have gone through it and will experience it in the years to come, we believe it’s best to not ignore […]


History of America’s Interstate Highway System

The Interstate Highway System is famous for traffic. Or maybe infamous is a better word. Despite the frustration associated with long trips and longer delays, its impact on the country is unquestionable. Let’s try our best to celebrate 60 years since President Eisenhower signed the act into law. And maybe wonder what the next 60 […]