Retirement Planning Beyond Finances: Are You Emotionally Ready for Retirement?

What do you picture when you imagine your retirement? Maybe you haven’t given it much thought beyond the aspect of solidifying your finances. Or perhaps you have a long list of interests and goals you plan to tackle once you leave the working world. Retirement is the beginning of a new chapter of life and […]


Why Vacations Are Important: Improve Your Health and Productivity

Do you live to work or work to live? America is a nation of workaholics. We take pride in hard work, initiative and achievement – proudly defending the “work hard, play hard” mentality.  Yet, we’re not getting nearly enough “play” time to recharge and revitalize. The average time worked by full-time employees has ticked up […]


College Savings: Reduce College Costs With Smart Planning

It's no secret that college costs are rising. Students and families preparing to undertake the financial responsibility that comes with a college education must be resourceful. Funds for college usually come from a variety of sources, including college savings accounts, part-time jobs, financial aid, scholarships and student loans. Student loan borrowers rely on future income […]


Kids and Money, Part 3: Using Envelope Budgeting to Train Them to Save

As a bank that works hard to provide customers with information that leads to better financial decisions, Ally Bank understands how important it is to find a budgeting system that works. If you're a parent looking for a way to teach your kids about money, consider "envelope budgeting." Envelope budgeting is an easy way to […]


Tuesday, April 21st – LIVE TweetChat: Mature Workers Dominate the Workforce

Calling all Tweetchat-ers! We’re partnering with to lead a TweetChat next Tuesday, April 21st at 7pm ET. We recently wrote on Straight Talk about the positive impact that aging workers have on our economy. Now, we’re opening up the floor to hear from you! How do mature workers improve the workplace landscape? How can […]


Aging Workforce Good for Employers and the Economy

Older workers have long encountered age discrimination from employers who perceived them to be less creative, resistant to change, unmotivated and costly to keep. However, recent studies and polls debunk these negative stereotypes and suggest that mature workers are an integral part of businesses staying successful in a competitive marketplace. According to a new report […]


Early 401(k) & IRA Withdrawals Erode Retirement Assets

Did you know millions of Americans are dipping into their retirement accounts prematurely, causing permanent damage to future retirement account balances? According to a new study released by the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College (CRR), 1.2 percent of all assets leak out annually, mostly from cash-outs (0.5 percent) and hardship withdrawals (0.3 percent). […]


Memorable Family Vacation Tips

With so many distractions nowadays, family vacations are becoming increasingly important. Vacations provide time to step away from our other commitments and focus solely on enjoying time with family and loved ones. We sat down with two family travel experts in an effort to break down the formula needed for a memorable vacation. So, as […]


Ready, Set, Retire: Holistic Money Management [Video]

Taking a holistic view of your finances as you enter retirement is an ongoing process. Managing your wealth involves careful consideration and planning of debt management, investing strategy and making your portfolio last. Greg McBride of provides some money management guidance.


Ready, Set, Retire: Boost Your Savings [Video]

The biggest threat retirees face is outliving their nest egg. While boosting your contributions and supplementing your retirement income are two great ways to avoid running out of money, it’s also important to manage account fees and investment risk. Greg McBride of explains the small tweaks needed to maximize your retirement income.