Mothers can take charge of the household finances by doing things like making sure they have an equal say in household finances or teaching their kids about money. But what about practical ways moms can save money on everyday purchases?

Being a mom means constantly being on the go, which means you need financial solutions that can keep up with you. Stay-at-home-mom Kelly Whalen writes on Moolamony about mobile applications that can help moms–or anyone–keep close tabs on their personal financial information. Whether you’re using with your Ally Bank account or tracking a package, there are no shortage of mobile applications to help you keep your life in order.

Visual Economics created a graph that clearly displayed the average annual expenditures for the typical American household. According to their calculations, the average family’s annual food costs make up $6,133, almost 10% of their annual salary. Thankfully, the web has no shortage of ways to cut down your grocery bill. These include everything from starting your own food club to things like planning a menu the way you would a budget.

Buy local, seasonable fare whenever possible. Many people forget that when you buy that strawberry in the middle of December, you’re paying for it to be transported from a warmer climate. Buying local, seasonable foods saves money because the overhead cost of bringing you that item is much less. Seasonable foods can also be much more bountiful, meaning they may be less expensive. As an added benefit, local and seasonable foods can be healthier options, which can be cost effective when you consider all the medical expenses you’re keeping at bay.

Sometimes cutting costs around the house involves using a little ingenuity. Blisstree has a list of 25 cleaning supplies you can make on your own. The list includes insights on everything from removing tough carpet stains (cornstarch, vinegar, and water) to waxing a wooden floor (equal parts olive oil and vinegar). The author of the piece also points out that she started making her own cleaning supplies in an effort to save money, but soon realized that it was also great for the environment. You’re re-using the same spray bottle, meaning less packing, and using things like vinegar and baking soda means you’re not putting noxious chemicals into the environment.

But what about all that stuff you can’t eat or clean with? Thanks to the popularity of deal and coupon websites, money saving solutions are easy to come by. Websites such as Dealnews offer discounts on a wide variety of items. And there is no shortage of coupon sites that allow consumers to create shopping lists consisting solely of bargains.

When it comes to all those things you don’t need anymore, donate or sell them rather than toss them in the trash. Again, it’s environmentally friendly and could help you out financially by way of a tax-deductible donation or some extra cash in your pocketbook.

Have you figured out a way to save money at the grocery store or around the house? Do you use deal websites to save on household products?