For our final piece on the retirement plans of some of our favorite influencers, we turned to Julia Scott, the founder of Julia packs her site with a slew of helpful financial tips ranging from deal round-ups to tax insights. She took some time to tell us about the person who got her started on saving for her later years and how she plans on spending her retirement.

When did you start saving for retirement?

My boyfriend was the one who encouraged me – and gave me the money – to start a Roth IRA. I was in my early 20s. To this day, I’ve maxed out my IRA contribution every year. Go me! To pay it forward, I offered my little brother $100 if he would start an IRA for himself, but so far he has not. What else can I do to encourage him?

What kind of products do you use to save for retirement—a 401(k), IRAs, CDs, a mix of these and others? What made you decide on each one?

I have a 401(k), the Roth IRA I mentioned above, and a high-yield savings account for my emergency savings account. I like the blend of risk and liquidity, which makes me feel secure. I wish I knew more about investing, but unfortunately I have a hard time getting interested (read: it puts me to sleep).

How do you envision your retirement? When will it begin? How will you spend your time?

I’d like to retire between the ages of 55 and 65. My exact age will depend on how the stock market is doing and how my portfolio has done long term. Once retired, I’m sure I’ll find plenty of trips to take, family to visit and hobbies to rekindle.

What advice do you have for someone who needs to begin saving for retirement but isn’t sure where to start?

Start with an IRA. It has great tax benefits, is really easy to start, and is better than doing nothing! If your employer has a generous 401k plan (i.e., they match your contributions up to a certain percentage) then definitely get started on that. What your employer kicks in is free money!

Who got you started on the road to saving for retirement? What kind of account do you use for your emergency fund?