Experience, trusted relationships and mentoring are just a few of the benefits that older employees can bring to the workplace, a fact that employers strongly consider when hiring new talent. During our April 21st TweetChat: Mature Workers Dominate The Workforce, co-hosted with Bankrate.com, participants added to this growing list of positives, discussed challenges that older workers might face and provided advice for dealing with obstacles.

TweetChat participants highlighted the ways in which mature workers can partner with younger workers, especially millennials.  Not only do mature workers provide value and expertise on projects and assignments but their experiences make them great mentors for younger employees. For example, Jean Chatzky said, mature workers can offer their younger counterparts, “…Mentoring, certainly. But also tactical knowledge of how to solve problems, when to panic, what’s not a big deal.”

Mature workers  can be extremely valuable assets for any company. It is imperative that employers work to engage and retain these employees.  Participants suggested phased retirement plans, opportunities for continued training and learning, and company sponsored events that promote mentorship and employee bonding. Others suggested creating diverse teams for special internal projects, giving employees a chance to learn from one another.

With the number of mature workers increasing year after year, what other tactics can employers introduce to attract these works and bridge any gaps between younger employees?