Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year’s spending for the holiday is expected to hit $18.6 billion, according to The StreetThey point to a figure in an annual Mother’s Day survey that states people will spend an average of $152.52 on their mom this year, an 8 percent bump in spending from last year.

The Street and Yahoo! predict that jewelry and clothing will be this year’s most popular purchases, but sweaters and bracelets aren’t the only presents you can give to celebrate mom. Savvy Sugar has a list of inventive, inexpensive gifts for Mom that will truly surprise her. Some of them – like a complimentary house cleaning (done by you) or a batch of her favorite homemade potpourri – don’t cost a thing, and show as much thoughtfulness as a store-bought blouse or necklace.

We asked Wise Bread blogger Linsey Knerl for some inexpensive Mother’s Day gift ideas. She recommended an all-girls Mother’s Day lunch outing, or a day helping out with chores at your mother or grandmother’s house.

Knerl also passed on a piece of financial advice she learned from her mother: “It’s easier to save money than it is to earn it,” she told us. “Although there is a ceiling you reach where you can’t cut any more coupons to make ends meet, you can go quite a long ways with penny pinching techniques. Before you spend another hour at the office putting in overtime, see if there’s a way to cut that amount from the budget altogether and spend that time at home – with your family.”

But what if the mom in your life deserves something much larger, like a beach vacation or a remodeled bathroom? If you don’t have the cash to treat her to such a big gift, consider opening a CD and dropping in some money that she can use to fund big-ticket-items down the road.

While federal rules don’t allow you to open a CD in her name, you are allowed to set up a joint CD that gives both of you equal access. And thanks to the power of earned interest, any money you put in a CD will grow over time.

How do you plan on honoring the mom in your life this Mother’s Day? Is there a spending initiative down the road that you can support now with the gift of a CD?