Whether you’re booking a last minute flight to a meeting or taking clients out to dinner, you often have to spend on behalf of your company. Which is why most employers have policies that make clear how much of the “company dime” an employee may spend.

But even if your company has a clear expense policy, murky questions can pop up: Is it ever okay to expense more than you’re officially allowed to impress an important business contact? What about expensing personal items at an airport while you’re waiting to board a flight to a company conference? And is it really so bad to exceed expense limits from time to time?

In our latest installment of “Financial Etiquette: Workplace Edition,” LinkedIn’s career expert Nicole Williams talks about how best to navigate your company’s expense policy so that you’re always respecting the “company dime.”

What do you always list on your expense report? Do you ever test the limits of your company’s expense policy?