For those new to certificates of deposit (better known as CDs) the prospect of “laddering” can be daunting. However, with the ability to earn high interest rates, yet still access your money, it’s a popular tool for getting the most out of your money. In terms of saving money beyond the short-term, this kind of proactive early retirement planning can pay serious interest by the time you leave the workforce entirely.

We’ve addressed CD ladders on Straight Talk in the past, but we thought we’d share this infographic by for those visual learners out there. It does an excellent job of showing how much a $5,000 deposit can accrue over the course of 5 years.

An explanation of the infographic’s CD ladder and why it can work for you is located here as well. A great, informational read for anyone thinking about building their own ladder, especially for those saving for retirement yet still need access to their cash.