Intelligent money management springs from intelligent decisions. But sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what the intelligent decision actually is. Recently at Fox Business, a woman wrote to Dave Ramsey asking if it was a better idea for her to start saving for retirement or for her child’s education. The response she received may surprise you.

In his reply, Ramsey stated that he feels college is a luxury compared to retirement. His reasoning is that everyone will need to retire at some point, but not everyone must to go to college. In addition, the earlier you start saving for retirement, the better. He says that with college, saving early and taking advantage of compound interest isn’t quite as important. In addition, there are scholarships and grants to help pay for college, and even if your child doesn’t get those, there’s always the option of making him or her work or take out loans to pay for their schooling. He says saving for both is great if you can do it, but he adds there’s nothing wrong with putting money into your own retirement fund instead of a college fund for your son or daughter.

Do you think saving for retirement is more important than saving for your child’s higher education? Have you figured out a way to save for both?