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From weddings to graduations to retirement parties, some of life’s biggest celebrations call for a toast. But while major festivities tend to get all the hype, who says you can’t  raise a glass to the everyday exceptional moments. Yes it’s good for your emotional wellbeing, but more importantly you just might find an impromptu dance celebration could turn your day around. Now is more important than ever to cherish the small moments and take pride in the little wins that make each day worthwhile.

Need a little inspiration? Start by looking out for (and reveling in) these 13 achievable, everyday small wins.

1. Eating a Bomb Breakfast

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, but when you’re rushing out to work or school, it often falls by the wayside. If WFH has freed up some time in your mornings, take advantage of it. Ditch the empty stomach (or grab n’ go protein bars) and savor a warm, homemade breakfast.

2. Finishing a Good Book

There’s no feeling quite like turning the final page of a beloved novel. Whether you’re wrapping up an old favorite or closing the last chapter on a new one, take a moment to revel in the afterglow of finishing a great story.

3. Basking in Fresh Air

Numerous studies have proven the health benefits of spending some time in fresh air. So take advantage of beautiful weather when you can, even if that means simply opening a nearby window. A comfortable temperature and airy breeze are worth delighting in any day.

4. Adding to Your Savings

Sure, transferring a large chunk of cash to your savings account periodically feels great. But using spare change to inch closer to your goals daily is pretty awesome, too — especially when those microsavings push you across a savings milestone, like reaching your emergency fund target amount. Ally Bank offers a Surprise Savings booster which works with our Online Savings Account to help automate your savings. This tool automatically identifies money you can afford to put in savings and safely transfers it for you — so you can celebrate more small savings wins up to three times a week.

5. Ticking an Item Off Your To-do List

Lengthy to-do lists can be daunting, but a realistic task list can help you stay on track and propel you closer to your goals. Try writing down one “must-do” item each morning — and you might be surprised by how motivating it is to cross at least one important project, assignment, or task off your list every day.

6. Drinking All Your Water

Don’t laugh — drinking enough water throughout the day is an accomplishment you can and should feel good about. It’s a simple way to take care of yourself and prioritize your health, even when your regular fitness routine might be out of whack.

7. Buying Yourself Flowers

Nothing brightens up a room like beautiful blooms, even if it’s a $5 bouquet from the grocery store or the bodega on the corner. So, don’t wait around for someone else to buy you flowers to freshen up your space — treat yourself because you can!

8. Staying Within Your Budget

Building and sticking to a budget can be tough, so when you nail one down that works for you, that deserves a “job well done.” And even more exciting than coming in at your budget? Finding extra wiggle room in your budget that you can allocate to your emergency fund, paying down debt, or the fun stuff. Score.

9. Connecting With an Old Friend

While the era of Zoom happy hours and FaceTime marathons may come and go, the importance of rekindling old friendships is just as great as ever. Remember to embrace connections, even if it’s just a quick phone call or Instagram DM. And if you want to go old-school, send a letter — you may just get one back, and what’s better than a piece of (not junk) mail?

10. Shopping at Locally Owned Businesses

Investing in your community, supporting local cultures, and finding more unique and interesting items — shopping locally is a triple win for you and the people around you.

11. Tidying Up a Space

Deep cleaning the whole house? Not happening. Decluttering the coffee table? Gold medal worthy. When life is crazy busy, give yourself credit for tackling even small home tasks, like making your bed, wiping down the counters, or finally recycling last month’s junk mail.

12. Starting a New Show or Podcast

Is there anything more blissful than stumbling across a new TV show or podcast to binge? Especially once you’ve watched or listened to your favorites (multiple times), adding a new piece of content to the rotation is a small but joyous occasion. And if you’re not a podcast or TV person, a new music playlist can be the ultimate mood booster.

13. Organizing Your Savings Goals

Saving for multiple goals at once is great — but it can be tricky to keep track of everything. By divvying up your savings goals using our Online Savings Account buckets tool, you can easily organize up to 10 different savings targets. And by giving each bucket a unique name, you can better visualize each goal, putting you one step closer to achieving them.

Even though big celebrations don’t look quite like they used to, you can find plenty of moments to savor every day, and these are just the start. From money, to work, to relationships, to free time, don’t forget to look out for the wins that can brighten little moments throughout the day — and share with us some of your small wins below.

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