Last-Minute Travel? How To Ready Your Wallet for Your Spontaneous Getaway

Investing. It’s a popular method roughly half of Americans use to achieve financial independence. But what does independence really mean? Getting away, apparently. According to a recent Ally Invest survey, 38 percent of respondents listed travel as an important reason why they invest. It’s not surprising that you want to invest and save up for […]


How to Save for Vacation: Tips and Tricks to Help Make Your Dream Vacation Affordable

Whether you’re a camper, theme-park enthusiast, or international adventurer, summer is one of the best times to travel. The kids are out of school and, while adults don’t get a three-month break from laptops, meetings, or their bosses, summer is the time to have some fun in the sun. According to a recent AAA Travel […]


Being On the Go Shouldn’t Mean Being Vulnerable. Here’s Our Before-You-Go Financial Safety Checklist.

The last thing you want to worry about on vacation is your financial security. Whether you’re taking a holiday getaway, an international adventure, or a road trip with your kids, making sure your money is secure—yet accessible—should be at the top of your list. That’s why we created this financial safety checklist to help you […]


Take a Vacation – It’s Good for the Economy!

We tend to focus on the personal benefits of using our paid vacation days – and understandably so! Taking time off can help you relax, recharge, and get out of your day-to-day routine. But, larger trends in how the American workforce as a whole uses, or doesn’t use, earned vacation days can have a major […]


Make Over the River & Through the Woods a Little More Fun

This year, more than 90 million people will be traveling over the holidays—and at least 90% of those travelers will be driving. That’s a lot of alphabet games and family time in the car! Make sure the car’s good to go You can use this checklist of some important things to remember before hitting the […]


Scenic Drives and Overlooks Across the Country

Driving can be a monotonous experience. But that’s more up to you than anything else. If you know where to stop and pull over, then beauty isn’t something out of the ordinary. Thankfully, driving long distances isn’t just a catalog of mile markers and exit signs. A fair number of our roads were laid out […]


History of America’s Interstate Highway System

The Interstate Highway System is famous for traffic. Or maybe infamous is a better word. Despite the frustration associated with long trips and longer delays, its impact on the country is unquestionable. Let’s try our best to celebrate 60 years since President Eisenhower signed the act into law. And maybe wonder what the next 60 […]


Tips for Car Camping in the Wilderness: Adventure Off the Beaten Path

For those who like to watch civilization fade away in the rearview mirror, a car camping trip is the ultimate getaway. If you’re looking to drive off the beaten path this summer, we have a few tips to help you make the most of your car adventure into the wilderness. Pack with a plan. When […]


Four US Islands to Visit by Taking a Car Ferry

Though we can’t actually drive across water, notable ferry routes nearly allow for the possibility. Sometimes you just want to drive direct. Less how the crow flies and more how the salmon swims. But doing so means traveling across water – not going around it. Here are a few famous places that happily marry car […]


Food Trip: Best Restaurants and Food on the Road

When we’re in the car for long periods of time, it’s only natural to get a hankering for some local fare. If you can spare some time, there are tons of fabulous #CarLove cuisines across roadside America. Here are several of our favorite foods and cultures with nearby highways. Here’s hoping you look forward to […]

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