Should you invest money for your next vacation?

What’s more relaxing than daydreaming about a fun excursion? It could be a summer vacation, spring break, heading home to see family around the holidays or even planning an elaborate anniversary or birthday trip. Saving for a trip is usually a no brainer. Socking away your cash to fund a dream vacation can be one […]


Seven beach swaps to save you money on your next sandy getaway

Imagine your toes in the sand, listening to the soothing sound of waves crashing and feeling the warm sunshine on your face. There’s no shortage of beautiful beaches around the world, but some are more expensive — and not to mention crowded — than others. If you want to book a beach getaway, it’s worth […]


5 Hidden Travel Fees You Might Need to Budget For

You’ve set your out-of-office reply, packed your bags and even picked out a beach read. You’re ready for vacation. After careful planning and research, you’ve thought of everything. (Alternative plans for a rained-out pool day? Check.) But what about those hidden travel expenses? While you probably budgeted for plane tickets and a hotel, other costs […]


Need a Vacation? 5 Tips to Save for Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re a camper, theme park enthusiast or international wanderer, there is nothing quite like getting away for a vacation. Separating yourself from the stresses of daily life can give you the reset you need and the adventure you crave. But we all know taking a vacation isn’t as simple as packing up and leaving […]


Points, Cash or Combo? The Best Way to Book a Getaway

A great getaway requires great planning. Before you can kick back and relax, you must decide where to go, the best way to get there and when to travel. (Not to mention, you have to save money to pay for it all.) Sifting through the endless options to find the best deal can be overwhelming, […]


Emergency on Vacation? How to Handle a Crisis Away From Home

When you’re hanging out poolside, sightseeing or otherwise enjoying your vacation, the last thing you want to worry about is an emergency popping up and ruining your good time. But while you’re out of town sipping margaritas, life goes on. And sometimes a situation that requires your immediate attention may present itself. With proper planning […]


Quiz: Find Your Next Travel Destination

When it comes time to get out of town and cash in your vacation days, you have a lot of choices. Are you looking to explore the great outdoors, or are you more of an urban tourist? Luxury hotel or quaint cabin? Do you prefer no agenda or an action-packed trip? To help you decide […]


Vacation Budgeting Best Practices

You’re sipping a frozen cocktail on the beach. Or maybe you’re exploring quaint city streets. Whatever the destination, you’re on vacation! Whether it’s for business, pleasure or a little of both, travel can be expensive. But if you follow some basic budgeting best practices, you can indulge your wanderlust without stressing your wallet. Spend strategically […]


Beyond the Resort: 9 Ways to Stay on Your Next Vacay

Beach or mountains? A spring break or holiday getaway? A long weekend or month-long excursion? Planning a vacation is full of decisions. And once you’ve nailed down the destination, timing and duration, you’re faced with yet another query: Where will you stay when you get there? Nowadays, a multitude of options (ranging in cost, amenities […]


9 Things to do if Your Identity is Stolen While on Vacation

When picturing the perfect getaway, we all have different ideals. You may picture a serene day at the beach, while someone else envisions a secluded weekend in the mountains. But whether you prefer snow or sand, we can all agree no one’s dream vacation includes identity theft. Yet, cases of identity theft have increased significantly […]

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