Travel Insurance: How Much Do You Need?

As thoughts turn to summer vacation, you’re probably more concerned with where you’ll go than whether you’ll buy travel insurance. And even if you are thinking about buying some kind of policy, you may only be aware of the types of travel insurance that covers a car rental or insures you if you miss a […]


Ally Asks: Where Did You Go on Your Winter Vacation?

For a number of sublime days last winter, you saw your savings at work. Maybe you were relaxing on a faraway beach, skiing down a black diamond slope, or lingering in a Parisian café. Wherever you went on your winter vacation, you saw your money well spent. While you were away, you might have taken […]


5 Travel Apps For Your Spring Getaway

With the ski lodges and tropical getaways of the winter holidays behind us, many start to think about their spring travel plans. As with so many aspects of our lives, travel has been made more convenient by a slew of user-friendly mobile applications. Below, we look at five free apps designed to make your spring […]


5 Tips and Tools For Convenient Holiday Travel

The 2011 holiday travel season is almost upon us. Whether you’re visiting family a few hours away or ringing in the New Year with a romantic European getaway, chances are your travels could use another layer of convenience. Here are five travel-related tips and tools to help you make the most of your holiday getaway. […]


Ally Asks: What’s the Best Thing You Did All Summer?

August is over, and while the official start of fall isn’t for a couple of weeks, many people are already talking about their summers in the past tense. We want to hear from you about the best thing you did this summer. Did you take a vacation using money that you put away in an […]


How You Plan and Pay for Vacation Travel

We partnered with the Opinion Research Corporation to survey over 1,000 people on their summer travel plans and found a wealth of information on what’s important to them here at Ally. Whether it’s how they prefer to travel or how they budget for their trips, today’s consumers are planning their vacations in ways that assure […]


Discount Travel Tips for Next to Nothing

If you’re like most people in the U.S. you’re watching what you spend, especially when you travel. Why splurge on the sportiest rental car on the lot or that suite with the epic ocean view when you can have all this and more just by using a little bit of traveler’s ingenuity? You can get […]

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