Finance Basics

Choose Your Own Adventure: 4 Strategies to Get Out of Debt

Debt comes in many shapes and sizes. Sometimes you take on debt purposely, other times it creeps up on you, slowly or all at once. But no matter how or where it comes from, most can agree: Debt can be stressful and reducing it isn’t always so simple. There’s no “right way” to reduce debt, […]

Finance Basics

Gold, Silver or Bronze? Put Your Finance Knowledge to the Test

Are you sprinting toward retirement? Hurdling past debt? Or setting up for the goal of a new home? In celebration of athletic achievements across the globe, take our quiz to assess your financial fitness.   Is your financial knowledge strong enough for gold? Take this quiz to find out.  

Finance Basics

7 Fun and Easy Ideas for Raising Money Smart Kids

Do you have financial lessons you wished you learned as a child? No wonder one of your #parentinggoals is to teach your kids about money. But you’re unsure about how to coach your littles — or how to make it feel like play in the process. So, start here. Buddy up your kids and go […]

Finance Basics

Sign Me Up: Do’s and Don’ts of Online Subscription Services

Whether you’re looking for everyday basics or something to spice up your life, there’s a subscription service for just about anything. Many are so easy to sign up for that you’re probably receiving at least one already for monthly entertainment, food, or retail services. This is all relatively harmless unless you’re in the habit of […]

Finance Basics

Tips for Choosing a Personal Loan Lender

When you apply for a job, the employer may request an interview. It’s a chance for them to ask you questions — but it’s also a critical opportunity for you to learn more about the company and decide if it’s a fit for you. Applying for a loan is similar. Although lenders will analyze your […]

Finance Basics

Should You Pay off Debt or Save First?

Whether you’ve recently graduated, lined up a new job, or just plain decided it’s time you got a handle on your debt management, you’ve probably got a few (or a thousand) questions. One of the biggest questions you might have is how you can balance paying off debt and saving. Because, while you might want […]

Finance Basics

From Old-School to Digital: Ways to Send Money

Your friend ordered the takeout but split it with you. And it’s also the end of the month, so you need to pay your rent. In both instances, you want to send money soon. Your head may be spinning from all the available options, since today’s technology has multiplied the ways to send money. That’s […]

Finance Basics

How Financially Agile Are You? What You Need to Know About Trading in Investments for Cash

All hail King Cash! Cash is often crowned King (with perhaps the longest reign in modern history), and rightfully so, as it’s a resource that typically upholds its value and allows you to instantly perform economic actions, such as purchasing things that you both want and need. When you’ve funneled this royal resource into an […]

Finance Basics

Skip Resolutions, Try These 7 Money Challenges Instead

The New Year is a chance to start fresh, while ready to take on new adventures, challenges, and growth. But whether you go into it with a docket of resolutions or simply good intentions, life happens — and it can be tough to stick with the “New Year, new me” mantra all year long. That’s […]

Finance Basics

One Hour for Success: How to Plan for Your 2021 Financial Goals

As the new year fast approaches, now couldn’t be a better time to start planning your big goals for the year ahead. As you contemplate the healthy habits you’ll kick into high gear or set your eyes on the job promotion you’d like to achieve, don’t forget to think through your financial goals, too. Whether […]

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