Finance Basics

Studies Show Money Is a Major Stressor. Here’s What You Can Do About It.

They say money can’t buy happiness — but that doesn’t mean your finances can’t affect your wellbeing. Your financial health can impact several aspects of your life, and if you’ve ever experienced stress or anxiety due to money, like 60% of Americans report, you know it’s not always so easy to separate financial and mental […]

Finance Basics

Your Financial Survival Action Plan

When you lose your main source of income, it’s a shock to the system. Your mind is probably flooded with questions: What comes next? What can I do about money in the meantime? There’s no denying that disruption in income, like from a job loss, is difficult — and navigating such a situation in any […]

Finance Basics

Women and Money: Challenges, Opportunities, and Efforts to Achieve Equality

We’re not ones to shy away from important financial conversations — and talking about the unique financial challenges women face is a crucial step in breaking down barriers and leveling the playing field. While progress is being made to close the gender gap, we want to do our part to help women reach their full […]

Finance Basics

Borrowing Basics: The Ins and Outs of Loans, Mortgages, and Credit Lines

Big purchases often coincide with exciting milestones of life — moving into a new house, buying a car, getting into college — but they can also go hand-in-hand with something else: loans. Taking on debt can be intimidating, to say the least (and for some people, downright scary), but it doesn’t have to be. In […]

Finance Basics

Is Your Money Safe in the Bank? Here’s How the FDIC Has Your Back

News headlines about market volatility might cause heartburn and sleepless nights, and it’s hard not to worry about your own finances. You might find yourself asking if you should take your money out of your bank. Numerous personal scenarios would be valid reasons to withdraw your money. (Think: combining your finances with a partner or […]

Finance Basics

Coronavirus Concerns? Give Your Finances a Health Check

There’s no denying that times are tough with the coronavirus spurring concerns all over the world. And while washing your hands and practicing social distancing are crucial preventative measures you can take to protect your personal health and others’, the United States has taken a large step of its own to safeguard the health of […]

Finance Basics

Money Talks: Dealing With Financial Tensions in Your Relationship

Consider this: Your husband bought you both round trip tickets for a vacation in Mexico. The gift is an amazing surprise — but there’s no way you can afford it right now. Or maybe your partner purchased a new mattress for the guest bedroom. She said she got a great deal, and you have family […]

Finance Basics

6 Do’s and Don’ts When Lending Money to Your Loved Ones

Money is known as the universal language, with an ability to break down barriers and build bonds. But when a loved one asks to borrow money, it can also quickly be a source of bad blood. Maybe your brother just got his first apartment and is asking for help with monthly bills. Or your best […]

Finance Basics

Should You Pay off Debt or Save First?

Whether you’ve recently graduated, lined up a new job, or just plain decided it’s time you got a handle on your debt management, you’ve probably got a few (or a thousand) questions. One of the biggest questions you might have is how you can balance paying off debt and saving. Because, while you might want […]

Finance Basics

What Your Investment Portfolio and Thanksgiving Dinner Have in Common

Thanksgiving: The one day of the year it’s perfectly acceptable to indulge in all of your favorite dishes. But if you overdo it on turkey or take a risk on that interesting looking mushroom dish, you might miss your chance on apple pie. So, what’s your strategy when picking which dishes to dive into? In […]

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