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Bond Moves, Growing Pains

One of Wall Street’s loudest alarms is going off. The 10-year yield has dropped 18 basis points this month, heading for its biggest slide since March 2020. It’s been a surprising turn of events for the stock market, and investors have had trouble digesting the yield’s slide, especially because it seemingly came out of nowhere. […]

Financial News

Three Buzzwords to Watch in a Historic Earnings Season

We’re about to get a look at what could be the best earnings season in a decade. Analysts estimate S&P 500 profits rose 66% year-over-year in the second quarter, the strongest growth since 2010. If you’re cheering historic growth, though, you may be missing most of the story. Markets are forward-looking, and the ground is […]

Financial News

Demystifying Stock Splits: Top Myths About Stock Divides

If you’ve been paying any attention to financial headlines this summer, you’ve probably caught a headline (or several) about stock splits. Some notable companies are going through their own splits soon, and others are rumored to be next. We’re clearing up some common myths about these market maneuvers to help you better understand what stock […]

Financial News

The Growth Hangover: Why Average Is OK

The U.S. economy just closed the book on an epic quarter. The strongest economic growth since the 1980s. The best S&P 500 earnings growth since 2009. A 20-year high in manufacturing activity. The list goes on. But here’s the bad news: The second quarter could be as good as it gets for economic growth. After […]

Ally News

10 Inspiring Women Daring to Disrupt the World of Entrepreneurship

More than 2 million. That’s the number of women who left the workforce in 2020 — largely the result of the disproportionate impact the pandemic had on working women who were forced to choose between caring for their families and continuing their careers. The difficulties of the year only highlighted the gender inequalities in the […]

Financial News

Q3 Outlook: Balancing Recovery With Pandemic Costs

We are heading into Q3 feeling the same way we did entering Q2: cautiously optimistic. The re-opening of the economy has most people feeling like a more normal life is emerging this summer. Retail, recreation and transportation activity is on the rise, fueling our optimism. The consumer is confident, and pent-up demand for experiences (travel, […]

Financial News

3 Hot Takes From the Becoming a Better Investor Digital Conference

Your financial journey is ever evolving. No matter where your money story began or what your relationship with saving, spending and investing looks like now, you can always learn, grow and expand your mindset for the better. At Ally Invest, we’re here to provide guidance and insight to help you become more confident in all […]

Financial News

When Inflation Sticks Around

Inflation is rising quickly. And it might be here to stay. The Fed said as much on Wednesday, conveying that it’s less confident this rise in inflation could just be temporary. On Friday, Fed governor Jim Bullard surprised investors when he insinuated that inflation could stick around through next year and force the Fed to […]

Financial News

Travel Stocks in a Summer of Getaways

The summer of 2021 is shaping up to look a lot different than one year ago. As millions of vaccines are distributed across the country, businesses are returning to near-normal capacities, and it doesn’t feel so strange to get out of the house. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans are planning for a season […]

Financial News

Wages, the Job Market and Your Wallet

Something strange is happening in the economy right now. The unemployment rate is high, and financial experts keep talking about the sluggish job market recovery. At the same time, “help wanted” signs are popping up all over your city, and your local pizza place had to close early because it didn’t have enough servers. The […]

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