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Jim Wang’s 6 Frugal Moves That Aren’t Worth It

I like to save in some areas of my life so I can splurge on others. For example, as an entrepreneur with a limited amount of time, it surprises some of my friends that I take care of our landscaping duties. We have a sizable yard, probably around an acre, and with a riding mower […]

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Banksgiving: Delivering Big Surprises to Customers Who Give Back to Their Communities

Do you remember the last time someone genuinely thanked you? Went out of their way to recognize your contributions and express their gratitude? Chances are that heartfelt phone call from your BFF, warm email from a coworker, or plate of cookies from your neighbor was a welcome surprise that put a smile on your face […]

Guest Voices

Jim Wang’s 5 Things You Shouldn’t Overpay For

My mom loves finding a good deal. As a kid, we’d frequently shop at Marshall’s to find deals on clothing. I didn’t know, or care, that Marshall’s was a discount clothing store. My mom enjoyed it because we found high-quality clothing without paying high-quality prices! For her, it was like a treasure hunt where you […]

Guest Voices

Tess Wicks’ 7 Effective Strategies Despite Changing Interest Rates

You’ve seen the headlines: the Federal Reserve is changing the federal funds rate, and the move is impacting most banks and the interest rate banks can pass on to their customers. If saving is a top goal for you, nothing can compare to seeing interest rates rise. On the other hand, when rates are in […]

Guest Voices

7 Safe Online Shopping Tips with Jim Wang

Years ago, I remember buying a DVD boxed set as a gift from a small online retailer. It was such a good deal I was willing to overlook how terrible the website looked. It was supposed to ship in a few days, but I didn’t hear a peep for over a week. I tried calling […]


A Roundup of Our Best Tips to Help Protect You from Cybercriminals

Keeping your information safe and secure is a huge priority for us — and not just when it comes to your online banking. We know there are numerous ways cybercriminals target the unsuspecting (and even the uber-prepared, at times), whether it’s through social media, online shopping, public Wi-Fi, or other avenues. That’s why we’ve compiled […]

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National Online Bank Day: A Bank Holiday That’s Open for Business

October 1 is Pumpkin Spice day, so maybe you proudly order that PSL (that’s pumpkin spice latte for the uninitiated). On Bosses Day, which is usually observed on October 16, you might thank your favorite boss. And on the second Monday in October, consider commemorating National Online Bank Day by socking away a little more […]

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How Millennials Are Pushing Brands to Do Better, Be Better

Millennials are known for a lot of things, some better than others: Disrupting just about every industry, obsessing over avocados, a sense of entitlement, an addiction to technology, to name a few. But something they generally aren’t given enough credit for? Caring — like really caring about people and things other than themselves. More so than […]

Guest Voices

How to Avoid Washing Diner Dishes (and Other Money Tips for the Road) by Angela Essington

Even the most seasoned travelers come across obstacles while on the road. From forgetting to schedule a payment to losing a credit card hundreds of miles away from home, there are, unfortunately, always opportunities for lessons learned. We recently learned some very valuable money lessons — at a roadside diner of all places! Let me […]

Guest Voices

Why I Invested in Higher Education by Elissia Franklin

All investments have a level of risk and reward. Whether it’s a blue-chip stock or a new tech start-up, both can be evaluated in terms of the potential benefits and drawbacks. Deciding whether to pursue higher education should be evaluated this way, too. As a woman in STEM pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue […]

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