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A Guide to Talking Markets on Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving dinner table may look a little different this year. The pandemic has forced a lot of us to work #socialdistancing into our holiday plans, especially as cases climb to records again. This year, you may be enjoying your turkey outside at a shouting distance, or over Zoom with 50 of your closest relatives […]

Financial News

Vaccine News Injects Hope Into the Market

A COVID vaccine could finally be on the horizon. On November 9, Pfizer gave the market a shot in the arm when it reported better-than-expected preliminary results from its COVID vaccine trial. For months, we’ve been anxiously awaiting a clear sign that we are on the path to a sustainable recovery. Americans are eager to […]

Guest Voices

8 Out-of-the-Box Ideas to Increase Your Income

With the pandemic making itself comfortable in our lives, millions of Americans have come face-to-face with the vulnerability of their financial situations. The idea of increasing your income sounds amazing, but one online search can leave you overwhelmed and feeling the pressure to build the next BuzzFeed. As a financial coach, it’s been critical for […]

Financial News

Market Game-Changer?

Today, we got a glimpse of what a light at the end of the tunnel might look like. A cloud of uncertainty was removed with the proclaimed election outcome this weekend, setting a positive tone for the market this morning. Then, Pfizer gave the market an extra shot in the arm, reporting better-than-expected preliminary results […]


Wire Fraud Is on the Rise. Here Are Some Tips to Help You Protect Yourself

You’ve been looking for a bike that’s seemingly sold-out everywhere. Then, by sheer luck, you come across a listing for one on a classifieds site — and at a much lower price than anywhere else. It must be your lucky day! The seller requests you pay via money transfer. The website looks legit, the bike […]

Guest Voices

Big Sean on Moguls in the Making, Self-Care, and His Hometown of Detroit

Entertainer and entrepreneur Big Sean, recently released his new album, Detroit 2, and shortly after made time to speak with our Director of Corporate Citizenship, Natalie Brown, regarding our second annual Moguls in the Making competition. Though hosted virtually this year, the program was nothing short of a success. For the second consecutive year, Ally […]

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Post-Election Take: Opportunities and Risks

Stocks are showing signs of relief after the election, but are investors ignoring potential risks? The S&P 500 has rebounded 7.4% in four straight days of gains, including its biggest post-Election Day jump in at least 100 years. The election was obviously a huge cloud over the market, and it’s breaking. But now’s not the […]

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Stocks and the Election: What Happens Next?

It’s the day after a pivotal election, and we don’t have many answers. Right now, the jury is out on who the next president is, as well as who could win a handful of state races. Stocks are up across the board, but it’s tough to say what happens next, so investors are leaning on […]

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Spooky Headlines Shadow the Markets

It was a spooky week on Wall Street. Pandemic and political concerns have led to a 4.5% drop in the S&P 500 over the last four days. On October 28, the benchmark slid 3.5%, a daily move that’s happened in less than 1% of days since 1990. Tech companies put another nail in the coffin […]

Financial News

Another Manic Monday (for Stocks) 

Stocks are sliding again. The S&P 500 had its largest drop in nearly two months.  Take a look at today’s news, and you’ll see the usual market culprits.  Coronavirus worries are back. The U.S.’s seven-day average of new COVID cases hit an all-time high, and infections are rising in other parts of the world. It’s also getting chilly outside, which could fuel COVID’s spread as people gather indoors. The timing of a vaccine continues to […]

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