Financial News

Weak Dollar, Strong Recovery?

The U.S. dollar’s decline can be worrisome. But for investors, a weak dollar can be your friend. It’s easy to worry that the cost of imported goods will increase and the economy could slow when the dollar starts sliding. Another side effect is that it makes goods and services produced at home cheaper for foreign […]

Financial News

Fearing a Market Pullback?

Stocks seem to be defying gravity these days. The S&P 500 is back at record highs after posting a six-day winning streak that ended on Monday. The market hasn’t taken much of a step back recently either, which has caused anxiety for investors. The biggest dip in the past few months was January’s 3.6% swoon, […]

Financial News

When Feelings Rule the Market

We talk a lot about stock market fundamentals in our research and for good reason. Stocks tend to follow trends in the economy and earnings over long periods of time. But the market’s day-to-day moves can depend on several different factors, including investor emotions. Those “feelings” tend to ebb and flow with how the market’s […]

Financial News

GameStop, Short Squeezes and Fad Stocks

What a wild week on Wall Street. And it was driven by Main Street. We’ve gotten used to the rise of the “fad stocks” that move higher because of their Internet fame (hello, Tesla). But this week, the internet latched onto down-and-out stocks in hopes of teaching short sellers — Wall Street’s most vocal investors […]

Financial News

Inflation vs. Your Portfolio

Inflation. It’s the latest worry for Wall Street. Investors are becoming overwhelmingly convinced a pop in prices is coming, a situation that could derail markets. The reason: The U.S. government is eyeing a whopping $1.9 trillion stimulus package (or “stimmy,” as the kids call it). It’s another round of historic help, which has amounted to […]

Guest Voices

How I’m Setting Myself up for Financial Success This Year

I, like many people, had high hopes for 2020. And we all know how THAT turned out. ☺️ Last year was a difficult year for a lot of folks, but the one thing we’ve all come to recognize is that we are far stronger than we realize. I want to share a few things I’m […]

Financial News

Are Stocks in a Bubble?

Everybody’s getting excited about stocks these days. Maybe a little too excited? The S&P 500 is near all-time highs. Speculation is heating up. Elon Musk is now richer than Jeff Bezos. Carole Baskin (of “Tiger King” fame) is peddling penny stocks. We’re glad markets are doing well, but this environment feels a little uneasy. There’s […]

Guest Voices

How Much Does It Cost to Raise a Child?

It’s hard to quantify the cost to raise a child, but several researchers have done just that. According to the USDA’s 2015 findings, the cost to raise a child from birth through high school graduation is, on average, $233,610 in the United States. This number does not include college. If you plan on paying for […]

Financial News

Sports Stocks: Rebound or Red Card?

Who doesn’t miss the sound of a packed stadium, the smell of peanuts and popcorn, and the camaraderie of cheering on your favorite sports teams with thousands of others? With the recent announcement of a publicly available COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, the possibility of watching sporting events in arenas instead of from our couches […]

Ally News

To the New Year’s Eve Babies of 2020

To the New Year’s Eve babies of 2020, You’re almost here, and we can’t wait to meet you. You should know that a lot will be said about your birth year, and much of it will be pretty tough to hear. There have been extraordinary challenges, tragedies and troubling events — that is true. But […]

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