It’s not so easy being green. Whether your intentions are to save money, better the earth or both, becoming more eco-friendly takes some effort.

Luckily, there’s an app for that. Quite a few, in fact. Here are five that we suggest you look at if you want to power up your commitment to the environment — and maybe save a few dollars in the process.

Green Outlet ($0.99; iOS)

Wondering how much your electrical appliances cost to run? Green Outlet lets you input which appliances you use and how many hours per day you use them. Not only will the app tell you how much your gadgets cost you to operate, it will also help compute your carbon footprint.

iViro (Free; iOS)

If you’re looking for an app that takes a comprehensive look at your home’s energy consumption — including heating, cooling and electricity — as well as estimated costs and CO2 emissions, iViro does it all. It even offers suggestions for upgrades and retrofits, as well as information about energy-saving alternatives. Unless your needs are serious enough to require the services of a professional home energy auditor, this free app is worth a try.

greenMeter ($5.99; iOS)

Think of greenMeter as the Swiss Army knife of car fuel-efficiency apps. Drive with the app, and its accelerometer will compute your car’s power, fuel economy, crude oil consumption and carbon emission. You just need to input information about your car, fuel and the weather to get a handle on how to get the most mileage from your trip.

Locavore (Free; iOS, Android)

In case you haven’t heard, eating local is good for the environment. If you’re consuming food that’s seasonal and that has been grown and produced nearby, you’re reducing your carbon footprint, since the food hasn’t had to travel far to get to your table. If you’re not sure what’s available in your area, Locavore can help. The app directs you to nearby farms and farmer’s markets and tells you what’s in season. It even serves up recipes.

GoodGuide (Free; iOS, Android)

Whether you’re looking for products that are safe, healthy, green or all of the above, GoodGuide helps you shop for what you’re looking for. Scan the product’s barcode with the app, and it will give you ratings for the above criteria. GoodGuide sports a database of over 120,000 food, personal care and household products.

Are you trying to be more eco-conscious? Have you used “green” apps?