Cooking at home can be a great way to stay healthy and save money. And like so many things, it’s made even easier by modern technology. Here, we look at five must-have apps for the financially savvy gourmet, to help you make the most of your time in the grocery aisle and your kitchen.

1. Grocery IQ (Android and iPhone; free)

This highly rated appis designed to take the hassle out of your trips to the grocery store. (How annoying is it when both you and your partner buy milk and bread on the way home?) Not only does Grocery IQ let you share grocery lists, it also offers coupons based on past purchases, allows you to organize items by aisle, and lets you sync your lists across multiple devices.

2. Epicurious (Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone; free)

The mobile app version of the popular recipe site is a must-have for chefs of all levels. It has thousands of recipes from popular cooking publications such as Food & Wine, Bon Appétit, and Gourmet, and it converts recipes to shopping lists. Comments and recommendations from other users often contain helpful tips and tasty twists on the original recipes.

3. Locavore (Android and iPhone; free)

More and more of us are shopping at farmers markets these days. If you’re one of the enthusiasts, Locavore provides the locations, hours and inventory of farmers markets in your area. It also advises on which fruits and vegetables are in season, and it offers up a range of delicious recipes.

4. Coupon Sherpa (Android and iPhone; free)

Even savvy grocery shoppers may feel pressed for the time to clip coupons. Fortunately, Coupon Sherpa sends coupons directly to your mobile phone as barcodes that can be scanned at the checkout line. The app offers coupons for a wide range of national grocery stores, as well as discounts at a variety of clothing stores, restaurants, and drugstores.

5. Grocery Pal (Android and iPhone; free)

Grocery Pal gives daily updates on what’s on sale at your local supermarkets, letting you compare prices and make smart shopping decisions. The app also lets you create lists and redeem digital coupons, and it keeps a running total of your items as you add them, to give you an idea of what you’ll spend before you even leave the house.

No matter what your level of cooking expertise, these five mobile apps may streamline your trips to the grocery store and make your cooking adventures that much more satisfying.

Which online tools do you use to help you in the kitchen and while food shopping? What’s your favorite food-related app?