When it comes to increasing your savings, it makes sense to look at the things that cost you the most money. For a lot of us, that means looking in our garages.

In 2010, the average American household spent $10,123 on transportation, including vehicle purchases, gas, and maintenance. A number of apps can help you save time and money on your car costs. Take a look at the most innovative ways to get the most out of your vehicle.

1. AccuFuel:

This app from Appigo.com monitors your fuel efficiency, letting you see instantly how it’s affected by your driving. You can use the app to track multiple vehicles, create efficiency charts and keep track of what you’re spending on gas.

2. Car Care:

Use this app from Karl Becker Productions to remind yourself of your next oil change, tire rotation or any type of maintenance service to help you keep your vehicle running well. Car Care also lets you calculate gas mileage.

3. Repair Pal:

Before you take your car in for repairs, make sure you’re paying a fair price at a reputable shop. Repair Pal provides estimates on common repairs and lists reviews for nearby shops and dealerships. The app also provides expert insights from certified mechanics.

4. iWrecked:

Accidents happen. Be prepared, with an app that helps you take an accident log and photos for a detailed PDF accident report that you can send directly to your insurance company. The app can also help you find nearby taxi and towing companies.

5. Mobile OnStar:

Linking OnStar to your smartphone opens up an array of time saving benefits for drivers of 2010 to 2012 Cadillacs, Chevrolets, Buicks and GMCs. The app links to your OnStar Turn-by-Turn or In-Dash navigation system, locks and unlocks your doors from anywhere, starts your vehicle remotely, and lets you control charging on an electric Chevrolet Volt.

6. Zipcar:

The popular car-sharing service offers rentals by the hour, a cost-effective way for non-car owners to get around town without renting a car. The app lets members reserve Zipcars from their phone, modify reservations on the go and unlock and lock the car.

7. iLeaseMyCar:

If you’re looking to lease a vehicle, iLeaseMyCar can be an invaluable tool. The app provides a loan-and-leasing calculator, a down-payment helper and detailed advice on negotiating a lease.

How do you save money on driving? Which apps do you use to make driving more cost-effective and convenient?