We put up with a lot of nonsense in life. From complicated, frustrating, confusing nonsense to just plain silly stuff.

Still, there are some places where there should be no nonsense. And none more so than the places we entrust with our money. Our banks.

But when you call to ask a question about your account and can’t get past the automated system to reach a live person – that’s nonsense. When an attractive financial product comes with hidden catches buried in fine print – that’s nonsense. When you get charged a fee just so you can make a deposit with the help of a real person – that’s nonsense.

Of all the ironies, the place we should trust the most to leave the nonsense alone is actually one of the places many people seem to trust the least.

That’s why today we’re here to state our commitment to People Sense.

Our commitment to People Sense is nothing new, because for us, banking is about putting people at the center of everything. Our products, services, and policies are designed so people can understand them – without constantly having to turn to a dictionary or magnifying glass. We try to take the confusing parts of banking and turn them into simple, usable solutions for our customers, so they can get the most out of their money. And when questions do come up, we have live informed customer care associates available 24/7 to assist with providing answers.

People Sense is something we’ll be talking about a lot in the coming months. And a discussion about People Sense wouldn’t mean much without involving people. So we’ll be asking you for your thoughts on banking practices and everyday real-life situations that make good People Sense. We’ll even spotlight some of the nonsense out there, just to remind you – and us – what we’ll never become.

It’s banking that does right by people.

No nonsense. Just People Sense.

What are some of the ways you’ve found Ally Bank makes good People Sense? What kind of nonsense – banking or otherwise – really gets under your skin?