Popmoney is the online banking service that lets you send and receive money from your Ally Interest Checking, Online Savings, or Money Market Account. All you need is your recipient’s phone number or email address. (Read our recent Straight Talk post about three ways to use Popmoney, and an earlier post about how Popmoney works.)

We’re curious about all the ways you use Popmoney. Do you use it to pay back that friend who always scores the hard-to-get concert tickets? Or do you use it to send your college-aged child a little something extra every now and then?

No matter the scenario, we want you to send us comments or photos about how you use Popmoney. If you use it to pay your gardener, tell us, or send us some photos of your lovely yard. If you used Popmoney to pay back a friend who covered your meal during your leisurely weekend lunch, tell us about it, or send us a fun pic from that afternoon. And remember, the more creative, the better!

Share your Popmoney-inspired comments and photos with us on our Facebook page or via Twitter. And don’t forget to mention how you use it!

When do you use Popmoney? How do you use it with your friends and family?