Yesterday we kicked off a banking industry pop quiz, and we started with one of our favorite topics here on the Straight Talk blog: ATM fees. As you know, Ally Bank is light on fees, but not all banks follow our lead. In fact, the banking industry makes a lot of money off them. But just how much do they make? We asked:

In 2010, how much did Americans spend on ATM fees?

1. $580 million
2. $990 million
3. $2.8 billion
4. $7.1 billion

The answer: last year Americans paid banks $7.1 billion in ATM fees. With business going so well, it’s no wonder that consumers’ calls for fewer ATM fees have gone unanswered. After all, if you think it’s hard parting with $3 at the ATM, guess how hard it is for the banks to part with $7.1 billion?

As you know, Ally Bank doesn’t believe you should pay to access your own money. Plus, we reimburse all ATM fees nationwide, so if another bank charges you a fee for using their ATM, we’ll reimburse it.

Our next question has to do with telephone customer service.

The number of people unhappy with their telephone customer service experience is pretty high. But can you guess how high? And can you guess how that compares with the average Ally customer’s phone experience?

“____ percent of American consumers are unhappy with their phone customer service experience while ___ percent of Ally customers are happy with theirs.”

Put your guesses for each blank in the comments and visit us tomorrow for the answer. A hint for each number: aim high!