Thanksgiving is a time when our thoughts naturally turn to the things we’re grateful for. For many of us, that means family, friends and a place to call home. And for some, this list includes a financial situation that allows them to live the life they want. That’s why we invited our readers to tell us about a financial decision that they’re thankful they made.

Scott M. told us that he’s most thankful that he decided to make his future a priority. “I am most thankful that I decided to start paying myself first,” he told us in the Comments section of the Straight Talk blog. “I made myself the first and most important bill that got paid. Now I feel more financially secure and am more prepared to deal with unforeseen financial emergencies.”

Marwan on Facebook told us that he’s thankful he created a healthy relationship with his credit cards. “[I spend] on my credit cards ONLY what I can settle at the end of the month, and NEVER more… Zero carry-over balance!”

Amy, another commenter on the Straight Talk blog, told us the story of how her financial foresight paid off.

“When home values were falling,” she wrote, “we decided to refinance and pull out 100K worth of equity in our house before our value dropped far enough that we wouldn’t have 20% equity. We got a fantastic rate and [have] a cash reserve in case of emergency.”

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Thanks to all who wrote back to us, and Happy Thanksgiving to you from everyone at the Straight Talk blog!

What other things in your life are you thankful for? How will you celebrate Thanksgiving this year?