One of the most important aspects of money management is knowing where your money goes. So this week we’re examining national spending habits and determining where we spend the most and least on everyday items such as gas, coffee and clothes.

Today we turn to a favorite American pastime: dining out. For the next six months, 61 percent of Americans say they plan on spending less on dining out, a recent Harris Poll showed.

Austin, Texas has citizens who spend the most on eating out: about $525 a month, or more than $6,301 a year, according to a study by Grist, an online publication. Residents of Arlington, Virginia, just outside Washington, spend almost as much.

Detroit’s citizens spend the least amount to dine out — an average of just $871 annually, or $72 a month. Including groceries, the average Detroiter spends only $2,246 a year on food. For a close look at spending where you live, check out Grist’s infographic below.

What Americans Spend on Dining Out


How much do you think you spend on dining out each month?