Did you catch Ally on Wheel of Fortune last week? As you know, we’re no stranger to the famous wheel, and we were especially happy when one lucky lady took home a $5,000 checking debit card courtesy of Ally Bank after landing on the Ally wedge and correctly solving the puzzle.

Amanda Howen of Jacksonville, Florida, told us she’s been a fan of the show since 1975 when she watched the daytime version with her mother. She had the feeling early on that she would make it on the show someday, and 35 years later, she found herself at an open casting call.

Over 10,000 people audition every year for approximately 600 spots to spin and call letters for Vanna to reveal letters at the iconic puzzleboard. So, you can only imagine how excited Amanda was when she made it to the final interview and was chosen to appear on the show.

Amanda’s good luck didn’t stop there. Not only did she land on the $5,000 Ally Bank wedge, she also won an all expenses paid trip to Jamaica.

As for what’s next for Amanda, she plans on purchasing and “flipping” a house. Her father is in the business of buying homes, sprucing them up and then selling them, and Amanda plans to use her winnings to follow in his footsteps.

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