Yesterday we asked our readers to guess just how unhappy American consumers are with their bank customer service phone experiences. We also wondered how that number stacked up compared to the number of Ally Bank customers who are pleased with their experience when they call our customer service line. The answer?

“47% of American consumers are unhappy with their phone experience while over 90% of Ally customers are happy with Ally.”

That’s right. A recent survey found that over 90% of Ally customers are pleased with the quality of assistance they receive when they call our toll-free customer service number.

How do we do it? Well, the award-winning timer on our homepage that tells you how soon you’ll be talking to a customer care representative can’t hurt. On top of that, you can always speak with a live person when you call us. And since our customer service is 24/7, you’ll never spend time fumbling through a phone tree just to find there’s no one to take your call.

For today’s challenge, we’re starting with the magic number 75. But what does that stand for? Is it:

1. Longest distance, in yards, between any 2 ATMs in Manhattan.

2. Percentage of Americans charged checking account maintenance fees.

3. Percent of checking accounts charging an ATM fee.

4. Annual dollars paid in ATM fees, per customer.

Put your answer in the comments below!