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Nearly every customer service call ends with the same question, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

But what would happen if you really answered that question honestly? Even if what you wanted had nothing to do with your customer service call, or the company you were speaking with.

What would happen if getting your wishes granted was that easy?

During this giving back season, we at Ally Bank brought this idyllic dream to life as a way to express what we’re truly grateful for: our customers. We were able to go above and beyond banking assistance and deliver what was really needed on a personal level. No matter what that was.

On a day we dubbed “Banksgiving,” we gave thanks to our customers by fully delivering on that basic question, and surprising unsuspecting customers with whatever they needed.

Watch how we gave thanks to our customers on Banksgiving:

On Banksgiving day, Ally Bank associates surprised unsuspecting customers who called in by asking how we could help beyond their banking needs. And then actually fulfilling those requests. There were simple needs, like help with fall yard cleanup and a holiday visit to see family, and larger requests that could touch the lives of many people.

We granted wishes big and small – from $25 gift cards to $55,000 to help a customer who helps others.

Being an ally means going the extra mile.


Luke, an Ally associate, is smiling on Banksgiving day.

Luke and Brittany, two Ally Bank associates who played a big role in Banksgiving, also traveled to meet in-person with the customers they were able to assist.

“I’ll never quite ask it the same way again,” Luke said on his way to surprise Leanne, an Ally Bank customer in Hamilton, N.J. Luke made the trip to deliver news that we will make it possible for her to visit her partner in the Netherlands who she hasn’t seen since May of 2016.

Brittany, an Ally associate, is smiling on Banksgiving day.

Brittany was able lend a helping hand to Lisa, an Ally Bank customer in Gainesville, Fla. as she delivered Thanksgiving baskets to those in need in her community. Afterwards, Brittany surprised Lisa with an additional $50,000 donation to continue her good works.

“This time of thanksgiving is a perfect opportunity to take a day to show appreciation to our customers and give back to them for their loyalty,” said Andrea Brimmer, Ally chief marketing and public relations officer. “We took our customer-centric approach a step further than usual to demonstrate to our customers our interest in them and the things they care about. We had a great time surprising these customers and putting a big smile on their faces during this holiday season.”

Giving back is a year-round initiative for Ally, but Banksgiving was a special opportunity to allow our allies to really bend over backwards for our loyal customers.

See what else we’re doing to give back, throughout the year.