Ally Big Save App

It started with a simple question: How can we encourage spenders to save?

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we believed it was a journey worth taking.

So we started within.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on a television ad for the Big Game on February 4th 2018, we made it rain money, virtually, on over 30,000 people’s cell phones.

The Ally Big Save was an augmented reality game app created to encourage spenders to think about what matters most and to save when spending is tempting.

During the Big Game commercials, players were challenged to catch falling money and move it into their virtual piggy banks. At the beginning of the game, we asked players to enter the biggest thing they are saving for. Here is a summary of the most common entries.

What are people saving for?

Saving money for a home is top of mind for those stashing cash in their savings accounts. Of the 31,224 people that submitted their entries after the game, the most popular thing people are saving for is a home (9,362).  The next most common thing is an emergency fund (8,909).

Within just a mere six-point difference is loved ones (3,048) and a car (3,042). Education (2,434) and giving back (460) are also fairly common savings goals.

Ally Big Save Meter List

At the end of the Big Game, we asked everyone to tell us their savings story by submitting 1,000 words or less via the game app. Doing so officially entered players into our contest, where a total of $250,000 will be distributed among winners to put toward their savings goals. Here are just a few of the many  motivations behind people’s savings goals.

Saving Goals and Motivations

“Hurricane Harvey hit us hard. We lost family heirlooms, pictures, most of our furniture and all of our appliances. Flood insurance paid for some things, but I am still out about $30,000. We are fortunate. We were safe. We can work hard and rebuild.”

– Ally Big Saver saving to rebuild

“My savings goal is $900, so I can go through a specific fitness program at a local gym. I am looking forward to being strong and fit, and able to keep up with my teenager, preteens, and little one. My husband and I would love to hike together someday.”

– Ally Big Saver saving for health

“Through trust in dogs, kids can heal and trust people again. My savings goal is $12,000 to bring home Riley, the service dog my daughter has been matched with for her journey of healing. I also want to start a foundation to grant service dogs to other kids.”

– Ally Big Saver saving for loved ones

“College seems far for our 5.5 year old twins, but it isn’t when one is starting from zero, putting in a few dollars at a time.”

– Ally Big Saver saving for education

“Life emergencies always arise, so it’s important to have a savings account to pay for those unexpected expenses.”

– Ally Big Saver saving for an emergency fund

“We’ll build our new home, then sell the old to pay the bill
A dream house we can afford, just need to get over the hill
With patience and some saving, the odds we can defy
Or maybe we’ll get it sooner, with some help from an ally”

– Ally Big Saver saving for a home

The Ally Big Save game is no longer available for download as the entry deadline has passed, but our journey to help you do bigger things with your money is always ongoing.

How can we help you get one step closer to your savings goals? Let us know in the comments below.