Ally Big Save App

It started with a simple question: How can we encourage spenders to save?

We knew it wouldn’t be easy, but we believed it was a journey worth taking. So we started within.

Instead of spending millions of dollars on a television ad for the Big Game on February 4th 2018, we made it rain money, virtually, on over 30,000 people’s cell phones.

The Ally Big Save was an augmented reality game app created to encourage spenders to think about what matters most and to save when spending is tempting.

During the Big Game commercials, players were challenged to catch falling money and move it into their virtual piggy banks.  At the beginning of the game, we asked players to enter the biggest thing they are saving for. Here is a summary of the most common entries.

What are people saving for?

Saving money for a home is top of mind for those stashing cash in their savings accounts.  Of the 31,224 people that submitted their entries after the game, the most popular thing people are saving for is a home (9,362).  The next most common thing is an emergency fund (8,909).

Within just a mere six-point difference is loved ones (3,048) and a car (3,042). Education (2,434) and giving back (460) are also fairly common savings goals.

At the end of the Big Game, we asked everyone to tell us their savings story by submitting 1,000 words or less via the game app.  Doing so officially entered players into our contest, where a total of $250,000 was distributed among winners to put towards their savings goals.  Here are just a few of the many reasons and motivations behind peoples’ savings goals.

Meet a few of the Ally Big Save Winners

AJ J. | Olathe, KS

AJ and his wife have sacrificed a lot to offer their children the path to a successful future.  They are saving to further their children’s education.

Melinda M. | Houston, TX

After being hit hard by hurricane Harvey, Melinda is saving to buy a new car for her and her family.

Olivia D. | Willingboro, NJ

As a former teacher, Olivia is saving to create a summer program that readies students for careers in STEM.

Denise H. | Comanche, OK

As her Daughter’s softball team has made their way to the national tournament in Florida, Denise is saving so the whole family can attend to show their support.

Ben G. | Las Vegas, NV

Ben is saving to bring his family together from all over the country for his dad’s surprise 65th birthday party.

Melissa F. | McCalla, AL

Melissa has worked her whole life as a counselor for school kids living in poverty.  But now, as she edges closer to retirement, her savings goal is to be ready for the next chapter of her life.

Sue W. | Clementon, NJ

After raising four kids into their twenties, Sue is saving to pay off the bills that have piled up after years of college tuition and medical expenses.

Antonella C. | Elkins Park, PA

Antonella is not only saving for her kid’s education and her own retirement, but she also wants to donate to Cradles to Crayons — an organization that helps children in need.

Krista S. | Batesville, IN

Krista not only sacrificed a well-paying job to move closer to her daughter, but she wants to pass on her mother’s lessons on saving to everyone in her family.

Martina D. | Norfolk, VA

Martina has created an organization to raise funds for much-needed teaching supplies for local schools.  She hopes to grow this organization from serving local schools to serving the broader community.

Jenna G. | Pittsburgh, PA

Jenna wants to show her appreciation for her parents by adding to their retirement fund.

How can we help you get one step closer to your savings goals?  Let us know in the comments below.