Ally mobile banking will arrive in 2012, and we know many of you are eager to learn more. Here, we’d like to answer some questions we’ve received and give you more insight into the upcoming Ally mobile experience.

What can I expect during the first phase of the Ally mobile rollout?

We’ll be rolling out Ally mobile banking in several phases during 2012. During our first rollout in early 2012, you’ll be able to:

  • Log in and see your account activity, balances and a detailed transaction history.
  • View your checking, savings, and IRA account details.
  • Transfer money between your Ally accounts.
  • Find ATM and cashback locations.

What can I expect from later rollouts of Ally mobile?

Later in 2012, we’ll add even more mobile features including the ability to send money to other people with Popmoney, the ability to move money between Ally and other banks, paying bills, the ability to make check deposits with your phone’s camera, plus more.

Which devices will Ally support for mobile banking?

The first rollout of mobile banking will feature native applications for Android-powered phones, as well as the iPhone. During this first rollout, you’ll also be able to access your Ally Bank accounts from any web-enabled phone through its mobile web browser.

What about BlackBerry and Windows users?

We’re working on a BlackBerry application to be released during one of the later phases of our rollouts in 2012. Before then, BlackBerry and Windows users will be able to access and manage their accounts through the web browser on their web-enabled mobile phone.


We want to make sure we’re addressing your questions and including you in the conversation so feel free to contact us about mobile banking via Facebook or Twitter. We look forward to keeping you updated on our progress, so be sure to keep your eye on the Straight Talk blog for further details and updates.