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Coming Soon: An Updated Version of Ally Mobile Banking!

We’re happy to announce that a new version of Ally Mobile Banking is scheduled to be available later this month! Back in May, we launched mobile applications for iPhone® and Androidâ„¢ users, as well as, a mobile-optimized site that lets you manage your account via your phone or tablet browser. This first version of […]

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MONEY® Names Ally the Best Online Bank – Again!

Six in 10 U.S. consumers are displeased with their bank, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good banks out there. MONEY® Magazine recently named Ally the best online bank for the second year in a row, and said we had the best 1-year CD and savings account. “Ally offers checking account yields higher than what […]

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Ally Asks: How Do You Prefer to Bank?

  The rise of online banking has given consumers the ability to manage their money wherever, whenever. And the introduction of technologies like Google Wallet and Apple’s Passbook promises that the future of money will be consumer-friendly – and maybe even look a little like it did on The Jetsons. A recent consumer survey by […]

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Ally Bank and FinCon12: Announcing the #AllyBloggerQuest Scavenger Hunt

Ally Bank is proud to be the Platinum Sponsor of the 2012 Financial Blogger Conference, taking place in Denver from September 6 – 9. FinCon12 is a four-day event that will bring together the voices of the financial blogging community to share ideas and insights. If you’re attending, you can compete for a $250 gift card […]

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A Machine Can’t Give You What a Person Can [VIDEO]

Robots can make great sidekicks. Just ask Luke Skywalker. But when it comes to getting answers related to your bank account, most of us would prefer talking to a real person. When you bank with Ally, you always get to talk to a human being when you call our customer-service number. After all, your money […]

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Consumers Say Ally is a Trusted Bank

You always want to do business with companies you trust — especially the businesses that handle your money. But sometimes it can feel like trust is becoming more and more difficult to come by. That’s why we’re proud of a recent study that calls Ally Bank one of the top five “Most Trusted Companies for […]

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Customer Spotlight: Ally Customers Love Ally Mobile Banking

At Ally Bank, we’re always looking for ways to give our customers the tools they need for an efficient, easy and satisfying banking experience. Recently, we brought that Ally experience to your mobile phone. In April, we introduced Ally Mobile Banking for iPhone® and Android™ – an app that lets you find ATMs and cash-back […]

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Ally Quiz Part II: How Well Do You Know Your Deposit Options?

Last week, we asked: Do you know enough about the rewards and conditions of deposit accounts to assess which best suits your needs? Then we gave you Part I of our quiz to help you find out. Here’s Part II. Find out how familiar you are with Ally deposit accounts, and about deposit accounts in […]

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Ally Quiz Part I: How Well Do You Know Your Deposit Options?

Years ago, putting money into a bank account was a one-size-fits-all proposition: You would deposit money into your account, and the bank would pay you interest. Over the years, a number of other deposit options evolved. But do you know enough about the rewards and conditions of each type of account to assess which of […]

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Ally Asks: How Do You and Your Friends Use Popmoney?

Popmoney is the online banking service that lets you send and receive money from your Ally Interest Checking, Online Savings, or Money Market Account. All you need is your recipient’s phone number or email address. (Read our recent Straight Talk post about three ways to use Popmoney, and an earlier post about how Popmoney works.) […]

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