If your financial institution is getting rid of account benefits and implementing fees you don’t agree with, you need an ally.

Talk to People, Not Robots

Most of us have had the frustrating experience of calling customer service, only to reach an inadequate automated system. When all you’re looking for is someone who can quickly answer a question, the last thing you want is a machine asking you to choose from a limited menu of options.

At Ally, you always get a real person whenever you call us. The Ally homepage even features a timer that tells you how long you’ll have to wait to speak with a representative, because we know you have better things to do than wait on hold.

Staying Connected In More Ways Than One

Sometimes life gets busy, and you just don’t have time to give us a call. Maybe you’re stuck on the phone at work, but you really need to get information about a specific transaction. Or maybe you’re online during a long flight and you realize you could raise the rate on your CD.

While some banks may make it less appealing to deal with a real person, at Ally, we work to expand the ways our representatives can help you stay connected to your finances. We provide a live chat feature on Allybank.com that puts you in direct contact with one of our representatives. The service has all the convenience of talking to a teller and it doesn’t cost you a thing.

Services For All the Ways You Bank

A number of banks are getting rid of account benefits like debit-card rewards programs. Others may not yet offer their customers the convenience of a person-to-person payment program. But at Ally, we pride ourselves on the ancillary services attached to our products.

We work hard to provide services to our customers that will help make managing their finances easier and more convenient. While other banks may cut services and thrive on confusing fine print, we feel we have a responsibility to provide a straightforward banking experience that puts our customers first.

Have you had a chance to use any of the services we talk about here? Which one makes your life the easiest?