Many of you have told us how much you love using Popmoney, a quick and easy way to send money electronically. All you have to do is log in and click on Transfer Funds. Then simply plug in your recipient’s email address or mobile-phone number, and they’ll get instructions on how to easily access the funds. It really is that simple, and it doesn’t cost a thing.

With Popmoney, you can send money from your Interest Checking, Online Savings or Money Market account. Ally customer @AVazquez87 even took to Twitter to say he found the service “super easy and effective.”

Some of our customers have told us they aren’t completely familiar with the benefits of using Popmoney. @joshuadelung told us on Twitter that he had yet to try it, and suggested, “A blog on good ways to use it would be cool!”

Ask and you shall receive, Josh! Below, you’ll find three ways you can use Popmoney to make life a little easier.

1. Sending Money to Family Members

Many Americans find themselves lending financial support to their adult children, or even their own parents. Popmoney lets you send funds without using the mail – preventing a loved one from having to trek to the bank to deposit a check.

2. Paying Back Friends

Isn’t it a letdown when you realize that authentic Mexican cantina your friends recommended takes cash only – and they have to cover your share of the bill because all you have with you is your debit card? Or when you have to keep reminding yourself to pay back your coworker who has two hard-to-get concert tickets? Popmoney makes it easy to repay your friends whenever making time to visit an ATM, or writing a check and then waiting for it to clear, is a hassle.

3. Paying for Goods or Services

Nannies, gardeners and housekeepers make your life more convenient. Shouldn’t paying them be convenient as well? With Popmoney, there’s no more running out to get cash, or trying to remember where you put your checkbook. Popmoney is a simple way to pay those people in your life who provide you with the goods and services that make your life a little easier.

How do you use Popmoney? What other Ally Bank services make your life more convenient?