This month, Ally Bank’s Straight Talk blog brought you more news you could bank on – letting you know when to dip into your retirement nest egg, helping you avoid a tax audit, challenging you with a new way to save and much more.

Highlights from February:

Is it Ever a Good Idea to Dip into Your Retirement Savings? Raiding your retirement savings is generally a bad idea, usually accompanied by negative consequences – except in certain scenarios. We showed you situations when you might want to actually consider borrowing from your retirement.

Mastering the 52 Week Savings Challenge: Sometimes, all you need to grow your savings is to find a good system. We think the 52 Week Savings Challenge – which lets you save as much as you want on a regular basis – just may be the one.

4 Tips to Help You Avoid Getting Audited at Tax-Time: While you’re busy making sure you claim all the deductions you deserve, you need to be careful that your tax return won’t raise any red flags with the IRS. We gave you a list of tips to help you avoid a dreaded audit.

Financial Etiquette: How to Handle Questions About Your Income: Back by popular demand, we served up a bonus video from our Financial Etiquette series. Here, former New York Times “Ethicist” Randy Cohen coached you on how to handle awkward questions like, “How much do you make?”

Elsewhere across the web, other sites also offered helpful primers on personal finance, including:

College Towns Doubling as Retirement Communities: You may have seen our recent infographic listing the Top 10 Retirement States. But you may be surprised to learn that college towns are also becoming major destinations for retirees, according to an NBC News report. Boasting plenty of athletic and cultural events, college towns are offering seniors active lifestyles – and sometimes even reduced or free college tuition on campus.

How to Save $1 MillionWondering how to save a million dollars? CNNMoney offered some tips, urging you to save diligently and invest. Plus, it gave some guidelines on how much you’ll need to save each month in order to reach the million-dollar point in a certain timeframe.

What Good is Life Insurance if No One Collects? Roughly 25 percent of life insurance policy payouts go unclaimed after someone dies, MarketWatch reported. Whether you’re the policy holder or the beneficiary, MarketWatch’s article will make sure you know the steps you need to take so that the right person collects it.

Don’t Let A Crook Steal Your 2012 Tax Refund: If you’re putting off sending in your tax return, Forbes shined a spotlight on what it called a “disturbing new reason to stop procrastinating and file early: soaring tax-return identity theft.” Con artists are snagging social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns to get illegal refunds before real taxpayers catch on. Read the article to find out how to protect yourself.

What did you learn this month from Ally Bank’s Straight Talk blog? What would you like to read more about in the months ahead?