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Go Big or Go Slow? The 101 on Dollar Cost Averaging

It’s a nerve-racking time to invest. The market is near all-time highs while Wall Street is getting more cautious by the day. It’s tough to go all in on this market with high uncertainty and low conviction, yet you’re feeling FOMO (fear of missing out) and prices keep rising. What do you do? The answer […]

Financial News

Consumer Stock Slump

The consumer discretionary sector is in a slump. It holds the title as the third worst performer in the S&P 500 index so far this year. It’s like investors forget that consumer spending jumped 11.8% in Q2, wages are on the rise, and many people have some extra cushion for a rainy day. The consumer […]

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The Stock Market’s Latest Obsession

The stock market is obsessed with a line. The S&P 500 hasn’t closed below its 50-day moving average for two straight days since October, the longest streak in 25 years. This story is much more than a line on the chart, though. “Buy the dip” has been the market’s mantra, and lately, it’s turned into […]

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Tapering 101: What to Know About the Fed

The Fed is moving markets again. The S&P 500 posted its worst day in a month on Wednesday after notes from the last Fed meeting signaled tapering could start before the end of this year. Investors are having flashbacks to 2013 when the market fell as tapering talk began. And with growth worries escalating once […]

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Technology and the Future of Momentum

When you think of growth and market leaders, you most likely think of tech stocks or the FAANG names. This week was a reminder that the face of growth is changing. News of a $1.2 trillion infrastructure deal has renewed hope for a solid few years of economic growth and re-ignited the momentum trade into […]

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Impact Your Portfolio and the World Around You

From hashtag campaigns to petitions to GoFundMe links, it only takes the click of a button to support countless social, environmental and political causes these days. But for many, these alternatives might not feel like enough to enact long-term, sustainable changes. That’s where ESG — environmental, social and corporate governance — investing can play […]

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Moderna Signals New Age of Health Stocks

Medical stocks are going through an identity crisis. The pandemic has inspired a wave of medical innovation, and it’s resulted in the creation of groundbreaking COVID vaccines in historic time. Yet health care has been one of the worst-performing sectors of the market since the lows of March 2020. Health care stocks got lost in […]

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Bond Moves, Growing Pains

One of Wall Street’s loudest alarms is going off. The 10-year yield has dropped 18 basis points this month, heading for its biggest slide since March 2020. It’s been a surprising turn of events for the stock market, and investors have had trouble digesting the yield’s slide, especially because it seemingly came out of nowhere. […]

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Three Buzzwords to Watch in a Historic Earnings Season

We’re about to get a look at what could be the best earnings season in a decade. Analysts estimate S&P 500 profits rose 66% year-over-year in the second quarter, the strongest growth since 2010. If you’re cheering historic growth, though, you may be missing most of the story. Markets are forward-looking, and the ground is […]

Financial News

Demystifying Stock Splits: Top Myths About Stock Divides

If you’ve been paying any attention to financial headlines this summer, you’ve probably caught a headline (or several) about stock splits. Some notable companies are going through their own splits soon, and others are rumored to be next. We’re clearing up some common myths about these market maneuvers to help you better understand what stock […]

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