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Are Stocks in a Bubble?

Everybody’s getting excited about stocks these days. Maybe a little too excited? The S&P 500 is near all-time highs. Speculation is heating up. Elon Musk is now richer than Jeff Bezos. Carole Baskin (of “Tiger King” fame) is peddling penny stocks. We’re glad markets are doing well, but this environment feels a little uneasy. There’s […]

Financial News

Sports Stocks: Rebound or Red Card?

Who doesn’t miss the sound of a packed stadium, the smell of peanuts and popcorn, and the camaraderie of cheering on your favorite sports teams with thousands of others? With the recent announcement of a publicly available COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, the possibility of watching sporting events in arenas instead of from our couches […]

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Make the Most of Your Stimulus Check: An Interview With Ally Executive Anand Talwar

Back in March, Congress passed the CARES Act, and a number of people received a stimulus check in the mail. If you were one of those people, you might have put that money toward an immediate need, like a mortgage or rent payment. Now that there’s a second stimulus package, you might be thinking: How […]

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Tesla’s New Street Cred: The S&P 500

The day has finally come. On Monday, Tesla will officially join the S&P 500 in a historic milestone for both parties. With this move, the S&P 500 is extending its biggest invite ever and Tesla is punching its ticket to one of the most exclusive indexes in the stock market. Here’s what you need to […]

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5 Market Lessons We Learned in 2020

2020 has been a year we will never forget, and tough times can teach you a lot. One thing we learned was how to be better investors. This week, we’ll reflect on our biggest market lessons from these crazy times. 1. Don’t fight the Fed Our biggest market lesson from 2020? Don’t fight the Fed. […]

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A Gift for Your Portfolio: Dividend Stocks

‘Tis the season for gifting. That got us thinking about some of the biggest gift givers in the market: dividend stocks. In 2020, dividend payers struggled to keep up with the market rebound as investors leaned into the tech sector to act as the defensive part of their portfolios. Now, as we all look to […]

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How to Keep Calm and Take Care

From yoga apps to fitness trends, self-care is a must for managing life in 2020. But beyond the buzzword, what does self-care actually mean, and how’s an aspiring entrepreneur to cope? We teamed up with OZY to bring you these inspiring tales from Black leaders about taking care of their minds, bodies, and souls — […]

Financial News

Find Your New Financial Pathway

Cash is important to the success of any business, and access to it is more crucial now than ever before. How are firms, especially minority-owned businesses that face greater challenges, finding capital right now? We teamed up with OZY to bring you tips on financing for Black entrepreneurs. Just as OZY breaks the media mold […]

Financial News

A Guide to Talking Markets on Thanksgiving

Your Thanksgiving dinner table may look a little different this year. The pandemic has forced a lot of us to work #socialdistancing into our holiday plans, especially as cases climb to records again. This year, you may be enjoying your turkey outside at a shouting distance, or over Zoom with 50 of your closest relatives […]

Financial News

Vaccine News Injects Hope Into the Market

A COVID vaccine could finally be on the horizon. On November 9, Pfizer gave the market a shot in the arm when it reported better-than-expected preliminary results from its COVID vaccine trial. For months, we’ve been anxiously awaiting a clear sign that we are on the path to a sustainable recovery. Americans are eager to […]

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