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When Inflation Sticks Around

Inflation is rising quickly. And it might be here to stay. The Fed said as much on Wednesday, conveying that it’s less confident this rise in inflation could just be temporary. On Friday, Fed governor Jim Bullard surprised investors when he insinuated that inflation could stick around through next year and force the Fed to […]

Financial News

Travel Stocks in a Summer of Getaways

The summer of 2021 is shaping up to look a lot different than one year ago. As millions of vaccines are distributed across the country, businesses are returning to near-normal capacities, and it doesn’t feel so strange to get out of the house. In fact, more than two-thirds of Americans are planning for a season […]

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Wages, the Job Market and Your Wallet

Something strange is happening in the economy right now. The unemployment rate is high, and financial experts keep talking about the sluggish job market recovery. At the same time, “help wanted” signs are popping up all over your city, and your local pizza place had to close early because it didn’t have enough servers. The […]

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Can You Identify the Signs of These Trending Scams?

Cybercriminals have their traditional methods of capturing targets. But just like technology is ever changing, so are their strategies. So what can you do to help prevent yourself from falling victim to new and trending scams? Staying alert and keeping yourself informed of the latest ways fraudsters attempt to nab your personal info with our […]

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Crypto’s Chaotic Week

Crypto had quite the chaotic week. Cryptocurrencies have fallen sharply across the board with Bitcoin sliding more than 40% since last Friday (including a 30% drop on Wednesday alone). If you’re a crypto investor, you’ve probably had to deal with major drops in the past. But this time around felt especially painful. Maybe it was […]

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Stocks and the Hot Vax Summer

On Thursday, the CDC said vaccinated Americans can ditch the masks in most settings, kicking off what some people are calling a “hot vax summer.” Unfortunately, that could mean a cold, rocky few months for the stock market. The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has historically been one of the S&P 500’s weakest […]

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Should You Keep Paying Student Loans, Despite Student Loan Payments Being Suspended?

It’s big news for anyone carrying federal student loan debt: Many borrowers aren’t obligated to make payments through September 2021. The thought of extra cash in your pocket sounds great, but should you take advantage of this offer? Student loan repayment during the pandemic In March 2020, Congress passed the CARES Act, which included various […]

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The Inflation Situation

What started as a whimper at the beginning of the year has become louder with each passing month. Prices are rising all around us. Copper prices have surged to record highs. The cost of lumber has more than doubled from January lows. Even crops such as corn and coffee have jumped more than 20% since […]

Financial News

Three Market Wild Cards to Watch for

The market recovery has been one for the history books, and investors have been noticeably optimistic through some tough economic times. These past few years have helped retail investors become more engaged, build their resilience to volatility and, at times, see market dips as potential buying opportunities. That’s the good news: The adage that retail […]

Financial News

When Your Ego Sabotages Your Investing

Stocks have calmed down over the past few weeks as temperatures rise and trading volumes drop. But just because markets are on a little spring break doesn’t mean you have to be. Quiet periods are the perfect time to strengthen your mental game. A lot of investing is about controlling your emotions and biases, believe […]

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