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Coinbase and Crypto’s Coming of Age

Old Wall Street, meet new Wall Street. Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, went public on Wednesday via a direct offering of shares. At the end of the day, the company was valued at $65 billion, launching it into the top 150 largest U.S. public companies. Everybody seems to have an opinion on […]

Financial News

Q2 Outlook: Cautiously Optimistic

It’s hard to believe we already have one quarter of 2021 under our belts. Three months flew by, but investors should be feeling good. The S&P 500 jumped 5.8%, better than the long-term average increase of 2.1%. It feels like the wind is at our back as we start the second quarter. The vaccine rollout […]

Financial News

2021: A Stock Picker’s Paradise?

The end of a volatile first quarter is approaching, and many investors are likely asking: What do I invest in now? As we look at the returns from the first few months of 2021, one trend has emerged. Small-cap stocks have led the pack so far, a reversal of what we saw through most of […]

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One Year Later: The Anniversary of the COVID Market Bottom

We’re heading into year two of one of the fiercest bull markets in history, and stocks are on fire. Just look at the scoreboard. The S&P 500 has rallied 75% since the depths of March 2020, heading for its biggest 12-month gain on record. As we reach the anniversary of the pandemic market bottom, stocks […]

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Third Stimulus Check & The American Rescue Plan: Are You Eligible?

For several months, the possibility another COVID-19 relief package — and, of course, stimulus checks — has been a popular topic of conversation across the country. Now a year into the pandemic, Congress has passed the American Rescue Plan Act, which includes the third round of stimulus checks, as well as several other efforts aimed […]

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Old Dow, New Lessons

A century-old stock index is grabbing Wall Street’s attention, just as many of the hot stocks are seemingly falling out of favor. The Dow Jones Industrial Average has stood unusually strong this year, especially in the recent selloff. While the tech-heavy Nasdaq 100 dropped as much as 11%, the Dow only slid about 3%, signaling […]

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Low Yields, High Anxiety: The Market Reacts to Inflation Fears

Lately, there’s been a growing concern that the economy could be rebounding so quickly that the Federal Reserve could be losing control. Those worries boiled over on Thursday, when Fed Chair Jerome Powell said higher inflation could be coming and reiterated that the Fed will likely keep rates low for a while. The S&P 500 […]

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Trading and Investing 101

If you’re feeling stuck in the middle of a speculation frenzy, you’re not alone. Stock picking isn’t for everybody, and you need strong nerves to survive. Hot stocks like Tesla, Nvidia and FAANG plunged on Thursday, dragging the S&P 500 more than 2%. On the other hand, meme stocks’ wild gains made headlines. Talk about […]

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Weak Dollar, Strong Recovery?

The U.S. dollar’s decline can be worrisome. But for investors, a weak dollar can be your friend. It’s easy to worry that the cost of imported goods will increase and the economy could slow when the dollar starts sliding. Another side effect is that it makes goods and services produced at home cheaper for foreign […]

Financial News

Fearing a Market Pullback?

Stocks seem to be defying gravity these days. The S&P 500 is back at record highs after posting a six-day winning streak that ended on Monday. The market hasn’t taken much of a step back recently either, which has caused anxiety for investors. The biggest dip in the past few months was January’s 3.6% swoon, […]

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