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Ending a Dizzying Week on a High Note 

We may be past the fourth of July, but this week was full of fireworks.   Summer analogies aside, this week was one of the most packed stretches of market moving data this year. Between economic data, earnings results, a rapidly evolving pandemic, and a fiscal stimulus fight, there were enough headlines to keep us off […]

Financial News

Going Over the (Fiscal Stimulus) Cliff

We’re about to hit our first cliff in the economic recovery: a fiscal cliff. Right now, Congress is debating a new fiscal policy plan (i.e., stimulus) that could determine the financial fates of millions of consumers and businesses for the rest of the year.  Lawmakers aimed high for the first round of stimulus, but many […]

Financial News

Decoding the Fear Index

U.S. stocks are closing in on record highs. But behind the scenes, uneasy investors are keeping their options open.  They’ve bought gold at a historical pace, boosting the metal’s price to nine-year highs. Same goes for Treasuries, which is why yields are at all-time lows. Lately, we’ve seen that cautious attitude spread to the U.S. options market. A gauge of market worry (the CBOE Volatility Index, or VIX) is stuck at higher-than-average levels, even though stocks are hovering […]

Financial News

Earnings Season: Keep Your Eye on the 2021 Outlook

U.S. companies are about to give us a look into their worst quarter since the Great Financial Crisis.   Currently, Wall Street analysts expect second quarter earnings per share (EPS) growth to decline 45%. While the earnings bar has been lowered significantly for all companies since the pandemic struck, results from the most recent quarter will likely be mixed, with some companies […]

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Tech Tops a Shaky Market

While the U.S. stock market flounders near record highs, one pocket of equities has already closed the deal: technology stocks. The Nasdaq 100 Index, a technology-heavy group of stocks, has closed at six all-time highs since the market bottomed in March. It’s a success story that isn’t terribly surprising given societal trends these days, but […]

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Volatility Returns Near Record Highs

Note: This week, the Weekly Viewpoint is being published a day early in observance of Juneteenth. Stocks have pushed within striking distance of record highs, but lately, it hasn’t been smooth sailing. March’s seasick markets are back, with the S&P 500 trading in at least a 2.5% range for four days from June 11 to […]

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Riding the Wave of Liquidity

Investors have been riding the wave of abundant liquidity in financial markets. A spike in cash in the system has been driven by unprecedented actions taken by the Federal Reserve Board to shore up markets and stabilize the economy during the COVID-19 pandemic. The extra cash did its job: it’s been a key driver of […]

Financial News

As the Tide Turns (in Stocks)

The tide turned on U.S. stocks this week, with the S&P 500 notching its worst week since March. We’ve felt the ground shifting underneath us for a few weeks, though. After the S&P 500’s best rally since the Great Depression, stocks have stalled over the past month. Individual investors (including Ally Invest customers) are still […]

Financial News

What Is the CARES Act and How It Can Help You

Since Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act on March 27, you’ve probably been wondering if you’ll be receiving a stimulus check (and when) and if the relief package could help you in other ways. As your ally, we’re here to help with information about this $2.2 trillion relief package and […]

Financial News

The Fed Throws a Hail Mary – Cuts Interest Rates a Second Time

In an unprecedented move, the Federal Reserve Board (Fed) cut interest rates to zero, launched a $700 billion bond buying program and took other measures to ensure liquidity in credit markets and a stable dollar. These actions highlight the urgency of the economic situation evolving from coronavirus driven closures and cancellations. Previously on March 3, […]

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