Guest Voices

How to Avoid Washing Diner Dishes (and Other Money Tips for the Road) by Angela Essington

Even the most seasoned travelers come across obstacles while on the road. From forgetting to schedule a payment to losing a credit card hundreds of miles away from home, there are, unfortunately, always opportunities for lessons learned. We recently learned some very valuable money lessons — at a roadside diner of all places! Let me […]

Guest Voices

Why I Invested in Higher Education by Elissia Franklin

All investments have a level of risk and reward. Whether it’s a blue-chip stock or a new tech start-up, both can be evaluated in terms of the potential benefits and drawbacks. Deciding whether to pursue higher education should be evaluated this way, too. As a woman in STEM pursuing a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Purdue […]

Guest Voices

Girl Boss: How I Started My Own Business by Sasha Tran

Do you ever dream about being your own boss? About pursuing your talents on your own terms and growing your own company from the ground-up? The thought is invigorating, but all of the unknowns associated with starting out on your own can be really scary! I know, because I’ve been there. A few years ago, […]

Guest Voices

Mike Ellison on Detroit’s Artist Community

“Don’t call it a comeback! I’ve been here for years!” Nearly three decades ago, legendary emcee LL Cool J brazenly launched “Mama Said Knock You Out” with this defiant proclamation that could further serve as the mantra for resolute artists who’ve stood by, in, and for Detroit without wavering. A swirling resurgence worth relishing certainly […]

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