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Q&A With Jimmie Johnson: The Top Tech That’s Powering NASCAR

From safety enhancements implemented in the wake of accidents to virtual simulation platforms that improve a race car’s pace per lap, NASCAR is consistently innovating to keep the sport relevant in the age of streaming and big data. With a NASCAR Cup career spanning 19 years, Jimmie Johnson, a seven-time NASCAR Cup champion, has witnessed […]

Guest Voices

How Yai Vargas Helps Women of Color Overcome Career Challenges and Combat the Gender Pay Gap

Yai Vargas believes in the importance of legacy building. Part of the legacy she aims to leave for her community is access and education — to career development, wealth building, and financial wellness. With The Latinista, Yai does just that: A core pillar of the company, in addition to professional development, is financial education and […]

Guest Voices

Jimmie Johnson: What I’m Driving When I’m Off the Track

Folks with a passion for cars can tell you about their dream vehicles — from the different years, models, makes, and unique characteristics they each share. As a NASCAR driver with a long career, it’s no secret I have my preferences when it comes to what I drive. When Ally asked if I would talk […]

Guest Voices

How to Buy a House Virtually

Right now, everything we’re used to doing has changed. Grocery shopping is different. Spending time with friends is more distant. Working remotely is a change for many, and services are becoming more virtual. The same is true for the homebuying process. In fact, many people are buying homes without ever seeing them in person. So, […]

Guest Voices

How Anna N’Jie-Konte Brings Communities of Color Into Investing

Anna N’Jie-Konte likes to dream big. A Certified Financial Planner, business owner, wife, and mother of three, she has built a career that not only lets her live out her dreams in a big way — but allows her to help clients make theirs a reality, too. We spoke to Anna about forging a career […]

Guest Voices

Money Lessons From Mom With Jim Wang

When I think back to my childhood, I don’t remember my parents ever teaching me any lessons about money. They never sat me down and taught me about compound interest or credit cards or how to invest my money. I never knew how much my parents made each year until they had to fill out […]

Guest Voices

4 Essential Steps to Take During a Financial Emergency

As a financial educator, I help young families develop better money habits. I teach them how to budget, how to buy a house, how to pay down student loans, and even how to teach their kids about money. I often talk about preparing for financial emergencies, because it’s helpful to have a cushion when your […]

Guest Voices

Staying Home: How This Entrepreneur, Mom of Twins, and Wife of a Frontline Healthcare Worker Finds Gratitude in Uncertain Times

As I sit down to write this, I can almost convince myself things are just as they were a few weeks ago. My laptop is on my desk in my home office. My dog is at my feet. I’m pouring words onto a page, just as I have for the past six years as a […]

Guest Voices

What You Need to Know About Your Money and Options During COVID-19

It’s an unprecedented time in the world as we witness and endure the spread of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Extreme and brave measures have been taken to not only protect us as individuals, but also our family members and communities. With most of the nation at home, social distancing and sheltering-in-place, […]

Guest Voices

How to Give Back to Your Community While Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic and social distancing are things I’ve never experienced before. Despite the big changes, I feel very fortunate that our family is healthy, our finances are in good shape despite the recent stock market decline, and we have adjusted to the new schedule without schools and daycare. While we don’t enjoy isolation and […]

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