At Ally, we know that when you’re looking for a new bank, it’s essential that you find one that offers products and rates that line up with your financial goals. But it’s also important that your bank provides quality customer service that will help you make the most of your finances.

That’s why we’re honored to be the recipient of two 2013 Stevie® Awards for Sales & Customer Service℠: the Innovation in Customer Service Award – Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, in recognition of our call wait time feature, and the e-Commerce Customer Service Award, for Ally’s customer chat function.

These awards are particularly meaningful to us because they recognize our commitment to offering a banking experience that’s focused on the needs of our customers. While we’ll always work to be better, it’s inspiring to know we’re on the right track.

David Vasquez, Customer Care executive for Ally Bank, credits Ally’s commitment to making its 24-hour, multi-channel experience the backbone of its customer service.

“The Internet never sleeps,” he tells Straight Talk. “From day one, we wanted to make sure that we’d be available for customers whenever they have a question or concern for us. That’s why we are available to have the same conversation at 3 a.m. on a Sunday that we’d have at 3 p.m. on a Wednesday.”

As an online bank, Ally has the opportunity to deliver straightforward service in ways that our customers can tailor to their specific needs and increasingly digital lifestyle.

For instance, the call wait time feature, which is available at and on the Ally Mobile Banking app, tells visitors how long they’ll have to wait to talk to a customer service representative when phoning via its toll-free number. Not only does it benefit our customers, but it also helps us meet our goal of keeping our wait time as low as possible. And for any skeptics out there, Vasquez assures Straight Talk that the timer is accurate.

If Ally raises the rate on a Raise Your Rate CD, you can use the online chat feature to take advantage of that higher rate with the help of a live representative, which comes in handy when you don’t have the time or privacy to make a phone call.

Vasquez works with a 600-strong team spread across five North American-based call centers. All team members are trained to assist customers on all Ally customer service channels: live chat, e-mail and phone. These associates must be prepared to support a wide range of banking needs, from helping a current customer transfer money between accounts to explaining the finer points of online banking to potential Ally customers.

“Our reps start their day with a 15-minute briefing where they learn about recent developments that they need to know in order to properly assist customers,” Vasquez tells us.

Arming his associates with knowledge on new products or changing rates allows them to offer customers the most important product of all – which, incidentally, isn’t a bank account.

“The best product we provide is our associates who are there at all times to assist customers with whatever help they need,” Vasquez says.

Those familiar with Ally know that the bank prides itself on putting its customers in touch with real people. But Vasquez goes a step further by asking employees to be themselves.  

“We ask our associates to be sincere,” he says. “They’re not using a script. They’re using a few talking points, but at the end of the day we want the dialogue to be conversational and meaningful, to help find the right solutions for each customer’s particular need.”

Awards are always great, but there’s no honor quite like receiving kudos from our customers.

For instance, N.P. Brandt recently tweeted us:

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We’ll get right on that, N.P.!

And don’t forget, you can always ask us a question or leave us a comment on Facebook and Twitter. We’ll respond whenever possible. Just ask customer Terry Weiss.

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Have you had a positive experience with Ally Bank’s customer service?  How important is good customer service when you’re looking for a new bank?