After all that holiday shopping, it’s hard to imagine going out and buying even more. But January can be an ideal month to save when buying certain items, if for no other reason than that some products go on sale because they didn’t sell during the holidays.

Here’s a look at what traditionally sells at big discounts in January:


In January 1878, John Wanamaker — pioneer of the department store and founder of Wanamaker’s — introduced the “white sale” to peddle bedding and linens. That tradition has long since spread to many other retailers, according to consumer savings expert Kendal Perez on CNNMoney. In fact, according to Perez, January has been the best time to buy linens and bedding for over 100 years.


There are two best times of year to buy furniture, according to Oprah magazine. One is in July, and the other is in January. As Jaclyn Hirschhaut, vice president of the American Home Furnishing Alliance, explains in the magazine, new furniture styles hit stores in February and August — meaning the older models must be cleared out to make room.


There’s a window between the holidays and the end of football season when consumers can get great deals on HDTVs and other electronics, according to Lifehacker.

In fact, CNET elaborates, you can find deep discounts on the days after Christmas due to unsold goods, as well as toward the end of January, as retailers try to sell big new screens to football fans for the Super Bowl.

Also, keep in mind that early every January the Consumer Electronics Show takes place, in which manufacturers introduce their new gadgets for the upcoming year — meaning retailers will soon need to move the current in-store crop off the shelves, according to CNNMoney.


As the Today show site notes, “There are few quieter places to spend a January afternoon than a motorcycle showroom floor in the northern part of the U.S…. Anyone selling their bike in the middle of winter is probably eager to make a deal.”

Translation: Biking is less alluring in the cold months, making motorcycles a harder sell. The site urges readers to look for previous year’s models, then drive a hard bargain.

Air Conditioners

In the same way that you may not think of looking for home heating systems in July, you’re probably not thinking about buying air conditioners in January. And that’s why this month can be a great time to buy a cooling system, according to Today. As they put it, this time of year, installers are “sitting by the phone, cooling their heels.”

Gym Memberships

Come New Year’s, some people may resolve to better their personal finances. Plenty of others, though, make a much more common resolution: to join a gym. For this reason, there are steep sales in gym memberships come January.

“Gyms know that this is their one opportunity a year to really cash in and offer the best deals,” savings expert Jeanette Pavini told CNNMoney. And if you’d rather work out at home, there are also great deals for fitness equipment this month, according to the site.

What kind of purchases do you make in January? What do you consider to be the best bargains this month?