Everyone loves that new car smell. When you drive off the lot and the dealership fades away in your rearview mirror. Inhaling that scent. Inhaling your victory. To celebrate that unforgettable moment, we present New Car Smell by Ally.

The Ally New Car Smell collection was first introduced at the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit – complete with glass fragrance bottles, plenty of test sticks, and of course, coffee beans to cleanse the olfactory palate. Now you can visit the virtual fragrance counter to discover our eight new car scents and design your own personalized scent, too!

At the virtual New Car Smell counter, you’ll find our eight fragrances that Ally designed to embody eight distinctive vehicle personalities. Everything from the Luxury Coupe, which has a scent composed of 67% Plush Leather, 28% Shoe Polish, 4% Caviar, and 1% Benjamins, to the Family Wagon, made of 44% Baby Wipes, 31% Stain Remover, 22% Crayon, and 3% Regret. Visit the virtual Ally New Car Smell counter here.

After designing your own unique scent, you’ll be able to share your personalized fragrance on Facebook and Twitter. Encourage your friends to visit the site and make their own New Car Smell.

Do you have any fond memories of driving off the lot enjoying that new car smell? Share your story in the comments below!