Parking is the bane of every young driver’s existence. As the hardest part of the road test, it can induce sweats, shaking and in extreme cases, tears. It looks so simple from afar, but lining up beside a potential space can be intimidating to both new and seasoned drivers. But today, we may have found ways to finally eliminate this common anxiety. With new apps, improved services and innovative technologies, worry no longer.

Parallel Parking

More and more cars now include different versions of intelligent or automatic parking. In some cases, sensors and cameras help you locate the adjacent car’s bumper, guiding the driver into the space. More complex and expensive technologies help make parking that much easier.

Finding Parking

After circling block after block in search of the perfect parking space, drivers cannot be faulted for losing their composure. Thoughts of double parking or pulling in front of a forbidden fire hydrant enter one’s mind. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Thanks to great new apps, parking just got a little easier.

Certain apps let drivers reserve spots near their destinations and pay ahead of time. Here’s a list of a few of them in this recent article. Other fan favorites join forces with sporting venues and other typically crowded locations to help people find event parking. Because parking laws vary from city to city and municipal signage is often incomprehensible, another app helps drivers locate paid parking while factoring in local rules and regulations. There are even parking apps solely designed to find great deals for short- or long-term airport parking—terrific for frequent travelers looking to streamline the process.

Valet Parking

If you’re looking to add a little luxury and convenience into your daily commute, consider choosing from various valet parking apps. Available in several cities and still expanding, these services will go to your location, pick up your car, take it to one of their garages and then retrieve it when you need it, saving drivers the hassle of parking themselves. This article recently highlighted several valet apps too.

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