We’re strong believers in the benefits the financial blogging community can bring to both its readers and the banking industry. That’s why we often turn to our fellow bloggers for their insights into what’s important in the world of personal finance. Half of all Internet users are blog readers, so financial bloggers have the unique ability to address a wide range of questions and concerns, and even act as a conversational go-between for banks and consumers. All this can lead to consumers making more informed decisions and banks having a clearer picture of what their customers want.

Our belief in the importance of this dialogue is the reason we’ll be at the first Financial Blogger Conference this weekend in Schaumburg, Illinois, just outside Chicago. Some of the most active voices in the financial blogosphere will be there, so let us know if there are any questions you’d ask a personal finance blogger if you had the opportunity. And next week, we’ll use the Straight Talk blog to showcase our conference coverage, so let us know if there are any angles you’d like us to write about.

Who are your favorite personal finance bloggers, and what would you want to ask them?