As you know, we’re asking some well-known finance bloggers to let us know how their year has been and what they’ve got planned for 2011. Our next round of answers comes from G.E. Miller of

G.E.’s blog is all about the basics of money management. And anyone who considers it his personal mission to educate young people on the importance of financial intelligence is a star in our book. Take a look at what G.E. has to say.

What financial tool or tip did you learn in 2010 that you really loved?G.E. Miller of talks to Ally Bank about his 2010 and plans for 2011.

Signing up for a cheap data plan and using Google Voice or Skype to completely eliminate your call plan bill and cut your telecom costs.

How did your blog grow in the past year?

I wrote a post on how the U.S. is overworked and it struck a nerve and went absolutely viral, sending tens of thousands of visitors to my site.

What’s your financial resolution for 2011?

Stay tuned to for my resolution.

Give us three words that describe what you think is the ideal bank.

Customer Focused Solutions.

Thanks for the insights, G.E.! It’s pretty much what we think too.

It’s worth noting that both G.E. and David Ning have pointed out that the “ideal bank” should be customer focused. What three words do you think describe the ideal bank? What are you financial resolutions for 2011? Have you tried saving money on your phone bill by trying Google Voice or Skype? Let us know in the comments.