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Celebrating the moments that bring us back together, the #AllyTipOff

We are finally back to the kind of March we love: buzzer-beaters, bracket-busters, and – most of all – enjoying basketball games with fellow fans (and rivals) in our favorite restaurants and bars. After two years of watching games at home over virtual happy hours, it’s time to get back together and celebrate the things we have come to appreciate even more.

It’s no secret that the food service industry has struggled financially and suffered through some of the hardest times we’ve ever seen – and they are still dealing with the longtail effects. So, as many are gathering to watch teams tip-off we decided it would be the perfect time to take a few moments and thank those who got us through the madness of the past two years, and show our gratitude to all those in the community who have loyally supported local restaurants.

Introducing the #AllyTipOff

Ally  likes a good surprise as much as anyone, so we teamed up with a few do-gooders to help bring even more fun to watching the big games by sending them into four local restaurants in the towns of the championship contenders.

Ally Tip Off supports food industry workers and supporters

We tipped the staff at the four locations $50,000 – and then, to keep the goodness going, we went ahead and picked up a portion of the tabs for all the fans in the restaurant during halftime. Search #allytipoff on TikTok to re-live each local moment!

Recognizing resilience

At Ally, we don’t just believe it’s our responsibility to make a positive impact on the world around us, it’s who we are. We are grateful for the strength our communities have shown in troubled times. The #AllyTipOff is an opportunity for us to celebrate resilience together with our friends and neighbors. After all, we’re all better off with an ally.

Learn more about Ally’s dedication to  sparking positive change .

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