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Smash your goals with tools to boost your savings

Planning how to spend your well-earned savings is a lot of fun — but figuring out how to actually get those savings takes a little more work. The first step is crucial: committing to setting aside a little money on a regular basis. After that, use our handy calculator to figure out when you'll reach your unique goal … and get a few tips on how to get there faster.

The smart savings features in Ally Bank’s Savings Account make it easier for you to organize, optimize and analyze your money. Coupled with a solid interest rate, our buckets and boosters can help you push your savings further and even motivate you to stay the course toward reaching your goals. Take a look at what our tools do for you:

Recurring transfers

Give back valuable time you'd otherwise have spent planning and manually making deposits. By setting up recurring transfers to your savings account, saving is an automatic part of your life — tomorrow you will thank you.

Round ups

Save bit by bit by rounding up your spending to the nearest dollar and automatically transferring that money in your savings. Once you link your Ally Bank Spending Account  our tool will initiate a transfer to your Ally Bank Savings Account any time your round ups reach $5.

Surprise savings

Analyze your spending by connecting your primary checking account (whether through Ally or at another financial institution) and find where you could be saving more — then, transfer that safe-to-save money into your Ally Bank Savings Account automatically. Keep in mind, Surprise Savings will never make more than three transfers in a week or transfer more than $100 at a time. 

Savings buckets

These savings buckets can be found in your Ally Bank Savings Account, allowing you to easily set up buckets for your goals. You designate what each bucket is for and what percentage of your paycheck or other income you want to allocate to different categories (up to 30 buckets). Either manually move funds to your savings buckets with the distribute tool or set up automatic contributions. 

These tools are designed to help you reach your savings goals and motivate you along your savings journey. Use them wisely, and you’ll be delighted by how far your savings can go.

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