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Quiz: What kind of traveler are you? 

What we'll cover

  • How different travel styles impact spending

  • Where you can save while planning

  • What you can do to avoid overspending

When you plan a getaway, are you looking to relax in a nice hotel or settle down in a wide-open campground? Are you focused mainly on attractions and have a daily itinerary that runs from sun up to sundown? Regardless of your style, there’s one thing many travel enthusiasts want: to save money.

Make the most out of your trip by first discovering what kind of traveler you are, then use these tips to stay on budget and find opportunities to save.

If you're an amenities lover

Cushy hotel beds and all-inclusive resorts are calling your name, so focus on hotels that offer luxury services. To help find the best prices, take advantage of early-bird specials by booking accommodations in advance and directly with the hotel to avoid any hidden third-party fees. It doesn’t hurt to call and ask the hotel about room deals or packages to make sure you don’t miss out on anything that isn’t visible online.

Set and stay on budget by prioritizing a few must-have amenities and managing your daily finances more closely in the weeks or months leading up to the trip. You’ll have more wiggle room in case your late-night room service or trip to the hotel spa costs more than expected. 

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If you're an outdoor enthusiast

Spending time in nature and among the elements is your ideal travel adventure. Decide whether to rent or buy equipment based on how often your trips involve the great outdoors, and who you travel with. 

For a once- or twice-a-year trip with friends or family, it can be more wallet-friendly to rent items like camping gear. The cost to rent a four or six-person tent ranges from around $40 to $100 for two to four nights, saving you from spending the hundreds they cost to buy on top of campground fees. But if you’re a frequent solo traveler, spending more to own a high-quality, one-person tent or hiking pack could be a better investment.

Decide what parts of your itinerary require the most funds to start saving ahead of time.

If you're an attraction visitor

If your days are packed with museums and local events, check for student, teacher or military discounts that might apply, or multi-attraction packages to save. Decide what parts of your itinerary require the most funds, start saving ahead of time and shift your budget around to allocate more money toward these experiences over other aspects of your trip.

Setting up savings buckets with your Ally Bank Savings Account can help you prepare for more expensive attractions like theme parks or exclusive events. And consider using public transit like trains and buses to get around instead of cabs or rideshares. 

If you're a whimsical wanderer

While chasing what captures your attention is exciting, it’s a good idea to do some research about the cost of visiting your destination to avoid impulsive and unexpectedly large expenses. Create spending buckets in your Ally Bank Spending Account for general categories like food, attractions or shopping, based on what you know about the area. Remember to carry cash in case your whims take you to a place that doesn’t accept credit or debit cards. 

Planning is key

Whether you have your days planned down to the minute or move based on whatever catches your eye, use these personalized saving tips while preparing for your next trip.  

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