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How to Protect Yourself: Mobile Banking

Consider these tips to help you stay safe and secure when you're banking with us on the go:

Keep your mobile device updated

It's a good idea to always update your device's operating system and applications. These updates can help you protect your device against new vulnerabilities.

Password protect your mobile device

Set your device to lock when it's not being used. This will help prevent someone from getting access to your personal data.

Only download apps from a trusted source

Fraudsters post links to fake apps to get malicious software on your device. You can safely download our apps from your app store.

Install mobile security software on your device

This protects you against malicious software (malware) and computer viruses. You can find this software in your app store. If you have mobile security software installed on your device, make sure you keep it updated for better protection.

Install software to find and remotely wipe your mobile phone

This software can help you locate your phone via GPS or remotely wipe it. You can get software with these features from your app store.

Don't modify your phone's operating system

This is also known as jailbreaking, which violates your device's warranty and exposes it to more security threats.