We partnered with the Opinion Research Corporation to survey over 1,000 people on their summer travel plans and found a wealth of information on what’s important to them here at Ally. Whether it’s how they prefer to travel or how they budget for their trips, today’s consumers are planning their vacations in ways that assure they’re making the most of their money.

If you’re holding out on planning a trip until you find just the right deal, CNN has some tips on how to craft a memorable vacation without breaking the bank. Swapping houses with someone across the world can allow you to truly live like a local while also letting you relax like you’re on holiday. They also recommend scouring travel search sites such as Kayak and Yapta to make sure you’re getting the best deal on your fare and accommodation.

Take a look at our survey findings and see how your summer travel plans stack up.


How important are vacations to you? What do you end up spending the most money on when you travel?