Good jobs aren’t always good careers. Careers tend to be more fulfilling and rooted in passion. Yet many of us stay in high-paying professions despite overwhelming feelings of emptiness. It takes risk and courage to switch careers later in life. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t something that’s not only possible but essential. Regrets usually come from inaction. Simply making an effort leaves many satisfied at the attempt. Let’s offer some tips for anyone trying to change careers.

Pick Your Passion

Find the field you’ve always wanted to explore and let it fuel you. This matters most of all. If you’re unsatisfied in a high-paying job, then don’t let the salary dictate your next move. This is about finding something more than merely palatable. We are aiming for careers – not just jobs.

Educate Yourself

If your planned profession requires learning a new skill or trade, then get to work. It could mean taking a class at night or online. Whatever is required, the deck is slightly stacked against older people breaking into whatever career – no matter the field. Give yourself any leg up you can.

Tell Everyone

Ask around and you just might get lucky. When you’re thinking of changing careers, you never know who can help. A friend, family member, or even a stranger might have a relevant connection.

Informational Interviews

Get in the know by talking to people who know. Instead of putting everything on the line at a job interview, set up informal meetings to discuss your plan. Bounce it off those who’ve been there before and be open to advice offered.

Set a Limit

Don’t spin your wheels endlessly. Make a plan and set a limit for your search. This will help you maintain focus as long as something solid is in mind. Hold yourself accountable through milestones and anything else employed for self-motivation.

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