If you want a raise, you better ask for it. But there are right ways and not so right ways to actually get what you want. Here are tips for approaching your boss strategically and tactfully. Go out there and get the raise you deserve.

Timing Is Everything

Pick a time that is relatively stress-free for both you and your employer. This is a conversation that should take place free of as many distractions as possible. Before asking, plan on a time that works well for both. Don’t do it impulsively either. If delaying a few weeks or months is necessary, then do it.

Advocate For Yourself

If you don’t, who will? This mentality rings true when seeking a pay increase. Feel free to put your recent accomplishments in writing to reference when making the case in front of your boss. Don’t expect them to recall your career highlights. The onus is always on the employee to show higher-ups why a raise is not merely warranted, but wise.

It’s Business…

…not personal. This is an important thing to remember when asking your boss for a raise. It will help you manage expectations no matter the outcome. Occasionally, it’s easy to frame these interactions through a petty or personal lens. However, factors like your company’s performance and its plans for the future can dictate when employees receive raises.

Be Reasonable

Ask for a salary increase that doesn’t insult your boss. What you’re after is a pay bump up, not a world record.

Avoid Ultimatums

Ultimatums rarely work. Unless what you’re after is alienating your boss and perhaps making them rethink employing you at all.

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