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Stay on budget with these fun and affordable activities

What we'll cover

  • Ideas for budget-friendly self-care activities

  • How to affordably get out of the house

  • Ways to enjoy hobbies without breaking the bank

Trying to honor your budget or build up your savings? Passing up on expensive activities for financial reasons can be a bummer — but there are plenty of ways to have fun without overspending. Here are some ideas on how to unwind and let loose without worrying about your wallet.

Take a walk

No matter the weather, going for a walk or hike provides a change of scenery and some great physical benefits. Try listening to an audiobook, podcast or audio-guided exercise once you're outside.

Make errands an adventure

If you're able to visit a farmers' market or local grocery store, picking up supplies for dinner can go from a tedious chore to an enjoyable endeavor.

Enjoy arts and culture

From local concerts to major museums, enjoying your area's art scene can be an affordable and enriching activity.

Embrace a tourist mindset

Check out local amenities like parks, museums and landmarks. Depending on where you live, walking, biking or scootering can be budget-friendly ways to get to these locations.

Window shop

Whether it's strolling down your town's main strip or visiting some local estate sales, window shopping can be a great way to pass the time. You can even get to know some of the vendors in your area.

Head to the library

Your local library likely has lots of options for affordable activities: puzzles, tickets to local museums, social clubs or art supplies. A librarian can help you learn about what they offer.

You can also check out your own personal library. You likely already own some great entertainment options you might have forgotten about. Hit up your bookshelves for a title you never got to, revisit a favorite flick, put on a beloved record or get competitive with a board game.

You likely already own some great entertainment options you might have forgotten about.

Get to gaming

A great video game can be cheaper than dinner out, and it can provide countless hours of entertainment. Even if you don't consider yourself a “gamer," you can find a zen, cozy game or an action-packed adventure.

Host your friends

Invite your friends over for a movie night and host a potluck-style evening.

Expand your educational horizons

​There are a variety of opportunities to learn new things in an affordable way. Consider researching free online courses or attending a free lecture at your local college. 

Refresh your home

If you're feeling ambitious, take a look around your home for potential updates. Reorganizing your living room layout or wall art can bring new life to your living space (and you can take some dance breaks).


Find a volunteering opportunity in your community that aligns with your interests — or use it as a chance to learn something new and meet new people.

Embrace upcycling

You can take your handiness or hobby skills and get crafty with what you already own by upcycling your furniture or clothes. A new coat of paint or clothing repair can breathe new life into some of your favorite things.

Chill with confidence

Sometimes, it can feel like just leaving the house will drain your bank account. But there are always ways to have fun without spending money. With a little imagination, research and preparation, the world is your budget-friendly playground.

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